Rusted–tired as an aging nail

Pitted and weak on the brink of fail

Facade held up against weathers rage

Protecting from rain, wind and hail


Years they’ve beat and worn it down

‘Til colors fade from white to brown

Chipped and peeling under elements abuse

No longer fitting in societies town


A misfit amongst establishments fine

Red badge it wears as a sign

What once it was it is no longer

Spoiled and soured with passing time


Forgotten to history out of sight

Grandeur lost to economies plight

Its majesty tarnished attic bound

Fading like the sun into the night


Rebuilding the old into the new

It happens only to the chosen few

The rest are left to crumble to dust

Like southward migration away they flew


Forgotten like elders cherished past

Now left alone to live their last

In sterile homes cold and dark

The time they have left goes by so fast


All traces gone they are no more

For the final time we bolt the door

What once was loved is left to rot

Upon this worlds killing floor


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~