Sedentarianism O’ Vile Beast

Sedentarianism O’ vile beast

Claiming many for gluttonous feast

Aches and pains we blame on age

Are nothing more than inactivities stage

Still we deny this is of our doing

Instead we choose to settle stewing

Looking to man and brew of witches

Falling for promises of curing pitches

With blinders on we grow ever fatter

Thinking the pills will solve what matters

When simply moving would do a world of good

Just as we always knew we should

Until it’s too late the damage is done

The beast–Sedentary, his battle won

Leads to the inevitable early grave

When so easily our death we could have stave

Were it not for this lazy and slippery foe

Run–or walk while you can its time to go


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompt: Rest breeds rust – German Proverb – It’s Friday Prompt by Jeremy Farmer  at  Jeremy’s Daily Challenge

Gone (Triple Tetractys)


My Youth

My Freedom

The adventure

Giving way to a cautious existence


The price we pay for our maturation

If we let it






Rise up


Your days gone by

While breathing it is not too late to live


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

What is the Cost

What is the cost of kindness, love, compassion,

Nothing and everything I propose.

No monetary value do they hold.

They cannot be bought or sold as livestock.

They are invisible, but for their gestures.

This by no means diminishes their value.

Priceless are they above the grandest diamond,

But do not be fooled,

They most surely take ravenously as does the thief.

Taking stress and casting it into the wind,

Taking hate and smothering it until breathless,

Taking selfishness and warming it with empathy.

Nothing but good can come of these

Yet we find them most difficult to freely offer.

How much improved would this world be,

For all that we sow we reap

Either in this life or the next.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Love Unspoken Envelops Me In Joy (Sonnet)

Love unspoken envelops me in joy,

Beyond words, you and I have grown.

True to the heart this is not a ploy,

Thoughts and actions my passions have shown.


I need not a word to know that you’re there,

Trials and tribulations have proven faith.

Through good and bad together we’ve shared,

By my side you stayed so unlike a wraith.


My love, love though fickle it be,

Cannot deceive once newness fades.

In you in silence your tenderness I see,

With an affection strong as balustrades.


Product of time is this comfortable skin,

One I would never shed to begin again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Great Barnegat Bay

Great Barnegat Bay,

No match for the chill of mighty winter.

Even scarved in saline she cannot withstand its grip

Nor shelter her residents from its icy hand.

Fractured ice flows appear as mirrored plain;

Sea birds scavenge

Spying the cracks and holes for sustenance,

Receiving only a baptism of frigid water in return

Life goes on unfettered beneath her rugged exterior.

Cattails line her shores

Hunched under the weight of snow and ice,

Browned and solid as if petrified.

Nor’easter after nor’easter has taken its toll

Leaving a barren tundra in their wake.

This too shall renew in thaw,

Icy plates melding back into the bay,

Birds once again feasting in their land of plenty,

Cattails finding the strength to stand straight in the warming winds.

Nay this will not be the last,

Her life blood destined to repeat this dance in natures echo,

Yet she perseveres despite all she endures.

This has gone on for time immemorial,

Making her hard–

Strong as steel, unwavering in her resolve.

Still under a summer sun she softens,

Gentle in her warm embrace,

Diamonds reflecting off her fluid gown,

She is a lady,

Loved and cherished by all who know her.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Ignorance (Acrostic)

Its not an excuse for inhumanity

God did not make us omnipotent

Nor did He make us judge and jury

Only He commands such authority

Racism, discrimination, hate

Arrogance, intolerance

None have a place in civilized society

Courage to withstand is paramount

Even though they will want us to burn


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~




By religious objection

Legally sanctioned

Isn’t it time we grew up

And let bygones be bygones

Yet some of us can’t

Gays can be refused service

In Arizona

That is if the law passes

Welcome back to the stone age


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


 AUTHOR’S NOTE:  For those that are interested here is a link  to the story that prompted me to write this piece.  Arizona is placing a bill in front of the governor for her signature or veto that allows individuals, businesses and religious institutions to deny service or admission, primarily to members of the LGBT community so long as they can show that their discriminatory actions were prompted by their religious convictions.  This is disgraceful in my opinion and certainly does not make me proud to live in this state.