15 thoughts on “Storm Clouds Rushing In (Haiku)

      • And guess what WE’RE getting here. Did you say, “snow”? That is correct, sir!

        Sheesh … I am very glad that CA is getting some much needed rain … but I’d much rather ship all our snow out west. This is ridiculous! March 1st tomorrow, and the temp is polar-vortex cold. Ugh. #$#!$!!.

        Anyway … BE SAFE, okay?

      • Most definitely. Its been pouring here today, we needed it so badly. Stay warm and I hope this cycle of snow comes to an end for you very soon. Spring is just around the corner…be positive. 🙂

      • I’m positive I’m going to lose my marbles if we get another six inches of snow!!!! 😡

        No, kidding …. it could be worse ….

        Glad you’re getting the rain you need! 🙂

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