Destiny (Acrostic)

Dogma plagues our human existence

Erasing common decency–trading it for war .

Souls bought and sold because of inspired word;

Thrown to the wolves by those in sheep’s clothing.

I do not hate religion, I do not deny its inalienable right

Nor do I deny the good which it contains.

Yet zealots pass judgment in the Name of their God–

destroying the lives of others…this I despise.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Trying to Stay Above the Fray

Trying to stay above the fray,

In spite of the traps laid at my feet.

Some have tried to tease anger to the surface;

Unreasonable requests

Rush judgments,

Poking and prodding, tools of this trade.

I refuse to succumb,

Instead I will look within for strength,

Seeking a joyful place to center myself.

On occasion failures have succeeded–

Yet I refuse to scourge myself over failings,

They are, but momentary and quickly pass.

I am above all of this minutiae,

It is nothing–white-noise lobbed to distract.

With this realization I have strengthened my resolve

And I am resolved to rise above.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Broken Hearts and Broken Dreams

Broken hearts and broken dreams left among the ashes

Ruins in the wake of the tsunami–your selfish desires.

Scavengers scour through the wreckage for sustenance

Finding nothing but crumbs left for them to fight over.

Is commitment so distasteful that exile is the only cure?

What of those cast aside, banished to Elba–victims,

Are they simply expendable for your greater good?

O’ what blackness must thrive in your narcissistic soul,

Pitiful…flourishing in this loveless existence of yours,

Choosing loneliness over the love and warmth of another,

Hiding like a coward behind a cold and hollow heart.

Like a lion you search for your next meal

Feasting, gorging hungrily as if this may be your last,

But you know it won’t, there is always another prey,

One that thinks it can tame you to save themselves.

Who is fooling who in this eternal struggle?

You are the sly one, knowing this is sleight of hand

Leading on those that offer you their hearts

Until you grow weary of their affections.

Tossing them on the heap

You grind their souls and their passions into dust.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~