Explosions foretell impending doom.

Shrapnel tears, litter, debris,

Screams of those one cannot see.

Missiles launched behind human shields,

Zionists and zealots refuse to yield.

Suffering little as the innocent die,

Denying they’re complicit, a terrible lie.

Which side is right, which side is wrong,

Difficult to tell they’ve hated so long.

Whether Gaza, Israel, Russia, Ukraine,

War is still war just with different names.

Fighting for ethnicity, Allah or God,

They’re “holier than thou” is just a facade.

Violence and death under whatever name,

Can’t be justified no matter what the claim.

Which leads me to wonder whether peace is desired,

With every bomb dropped and each rocket fired.

These wars have carried on for eons ‘til today,

I wonder if they really know any other way.

While their innocent suffer and hatred is bred,

I doubt they will stop until all sides are dead.
~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Destiny (Acrostic)

Dogma plagues our human existence

Erasing common decency–trading it for war .

Souls bought and sold because of inspired word;

Thrown to the wolves by those in sheep’s clothing.

I do not hate religion, I do not deny its inalienable right

Nor do I deny the good which it contains.

Yet zealots pass judgment in the Name of their God–

destroying the lives of others…this I despise.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~