If a tree falls in the woods…,
Do we hear it?

If a boy cries wolf,
Do we reprimand it?

If politics contradict science,
Do we believe it?

If a lie is told over and over,
Do we ignore it?

If a line is drawn in the sand,
Do we cross it?

If we won’t think for ourselves,
Do we deserve it?

If we refuse to learn from the past,
Do we repeat it?

Question authority as a thoughtful man.
Trust the facts when facts support,
For ignorance can never replace truth.

3 thoughts on “If…

    • Hi Dan – it is good to be back. I didn’t realize that I had been away for over a year, time flies. I had lost interest in writing for a variety of reasons, but I have the bug back and am working on a number of projects in addition to poetry. Anyway, I hope to be around much more frequently and I hope you and your family have been well during this unusual time in our history. Thank you for the comment, it’s good to hear from you. – Dom

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