If a tree falls in the woods…,
Do we hear it?

If a boy cries wolf,
Do we reprimand it?

If politics contradict science,
Do we believe it?

If a lie is told over and over,
Do we ignore it?

If a line is drawn in the sand,
Do we cross it?

If we won’t think for ourselves,
Do we deserve it?

If we refuse to learn from the past,
Do we repeat it?

Question authority as a thoughtful man.
Trust the facts when facts support,
For ignorance can never replace truth.

Absent Though Not Gone

Absent though not gone

A temporary reprieve

Enjoy my silence

Though unlikely to last long

I’ll be back with a vengeance

Time for regrouping

Collecting all of my thoughts

A tidy bundle

Set to explode on the page

For the world at large to see

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

To Speak One’s Mind

To speak one’s mind, though respectfully is our right

Not to belittle, degrade or to fight

Civilized discourse is the much desired path

As opposed to yelling, screaming and fiery wrath


Little is solved through righteous indignation

Ushered on through prideful inflation

To say one’s piece then give another a chance

Its likely the opinion imparted will enhance


To disagree is common in life I propose

But civility is preferred, surely can’t be opposed

Our differences shared spice up this world

While insults cause more harm than good when hurled


Opinions I’ve spoke change from day to day

Its odd how that works the minds funny that way

While I try to follow the advice offered above

Sometimes I go over the edge showing anything but love


I try to give heed to another’s personal views

At times I fail miserable, though not what I would choose

This is human nature, be conscious of the fact

Because once its put out there you can never take it back.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Idle Hands

Idle hands do not an idle mind make,

For sitting in silence much effort does it take.

With unflappable thought the body grows more tired,

It is no easy feat to control synaptic fire.

When treated as sloth brain-work is mistaken,

Laziness it’s not, your logic is misshapen.

Without the strain of thought no greatness would exist,

No literature, no art, no inventions could persist.

So lest contemplation be treated as a waste,

You’re best to just say thank you with a smile on your face.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


An Incoherent Mind

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Being pulled from side-to-side,

My mind,

A menagerie of disjointed thought.

Attempts at composure,

An act of self-deprecation,

Leading me further into disarray.

What do I do?

Emotions have no focus,

Every path a winding dead end.

Holding me back,

Racked between chaos and cognition,

Drowning in confusion.

I urge myself to take a breath,

Empty my tortured mind,

If only for a night.

Hoping for thoughts to regain composure,

I know this too shall pass,

It always does.

In the meantime,

Wallowing in this mire, that is my mind,

I will wait.