The Spark Extinguished

The spark extinguished,

There is no kindling to reignite the flame.

Light as air, the ash is blown to the four winds

Until nary a trace can be found.

What proof is there that it ever really existed

That it belonged to this dimension.

Attempts to congeal fail

As the miniscule journey ever farther afield.

Their mark on this world, nil in the eyes of many,

Insignificant and unimportant,

This would be wrongly assumed.

We would not know this place without them,

So intertwined is all matter

That without the most minute speck

Life would be forever altered from this reality.

There is nothing insignificant or unimportant,

From the lowly ash and graceful dragonfly

To the mighty elephant and the whole of mankind,

Everything visible and invisible is the perfect creation…

Under Heaven.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Walked The Fields And Deserts

I walked the fields and deserts,

Swam the lakes and oceans,

Breathed in the crisp mountain air,

Strolled the floor of the grandest of canyons,

Gazed into the clear blue sky,

Survived the darkest of storms,


Seeking something I had already found.

It surrounded me always,

Was under every footstep,

Flowed gracefully around me with every stroke,

Was visible to me though I could not see,

Shone down upon me from the heavens,

Drenched me in every downpour.

It is in every cell, every vein of my being.

The Divine was always present,

Always enveloping me.

Though it has taken a lifetime,

I finally realize I AM.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Joy in the Melody of the Sparrow’s Song (Sonnet)

Joy in the melody of the sparrow’s song,

I sit in wonderment at the skies varied palette.

As though an observer, I feel I don’t belong,

Second fiddle in this heavenly ballad.


Yet my premise is false, I am part the story,

Woven into the fabric of our universe.

Sharing in its pain and relishing in its glory,

Though my time is for certain most terse.


Revealing in it’s beauty, I’m astonished by the day,

How perfection could have happen by chance.

A Universal Spirit must surely have had it’s way,

In this earthly and spiritual fire dance.


With each passing day, O’ how little I know,

Though I wouldn’t miss the chance to see the show.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Who Is He

Who is he?

That is if he is a he and not a she?

He is whomever we need him to be.

He is all powerful to those that feel powerless.

He is all loving to those whose hearts are broken.

He is all forgiving to those who have gone astray.

He is all understanding to those who are in turmoil.

He is all comforting to those who have been wronged.

He is all knowing, all seeing, all hearing..

He is the reason for the good in this world.

He is the reason for the evil in this world.

He creates.

He destroys.

He punishes.

He saves.

We are his likeness.

We are him and he is us.

We can be powerful to help those feeling powerless.

We can be loving to those with hearts that are broken.

We can be forgiving to those who have gone astray.

We can be understanding to those who are in turmoil.

We can be comforting to those who have been wronged.

We can know, can see, can hear.

We can do good in this world.

We can do evil in this world.

We create.

We destroy.

We punish.

We save.

We look outside instead of looking inside.

Perhaps we had the answers all along,

But were too blind to see.



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~