Image Credit: nightcaptv.com

Image Credit: nightcaptv.com

Beautiful rose,

Tender and precious your petals

Blossoming with virtues to be envied

Instilled with virtues to be adored

The embodiment of your mother

Like her mother before her in perpetuity

Gentle at heart

Stronger than her counterpart

At times, sharp as a thorn

Drawing blood when crossed

Passionate and compassionate in the same breath

Nurturing by nature

Disciplinarian, teacher, spouse

Professor, professional, physician

Soldier, pilot, Captain

Intellectual, politician, leader

Fighting for equality to this modern day

Taken for granted by others

Unafraid in the face of adversity

Birther to all mankind

To be honored not once a year but daily

You are the treasure…

You are Woman


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Gone Is Gone

Image credit  - momastery.com

Image credit – momastery.com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Wasted away with reckless abandon

Abused and neglected as though nothing to lose

Elder years bestow the treasure most deeply cherished

For in youth we’re blind to the riches worth

Trusting the vein will flow eternal

“till tragedy or life doth rear it’s head

Once lost to gluttony its lost to eternity

No matter how hard we try to relive

Regret can destroy through foolishness folly

As we know not when we be called back home

Squander not the gift so limited and precious

Share freely with those you most dearly love

The value of time cannot be embellished

For fleeting moments once gone are gone

Of Daughters

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Oh beautiful ones,

Joy given by just your being,

Smiles that melt the heart.

Innocence incarnate,

You came into to this world a blank slate,

To be loved, cherished and molded.

From that first moment,

Tears as you drew you first breaths

You had me wrapped around your fingers.

With the batting of your eyes,

Blue and darting,

You struggled to take in all that was around you.

Naturally overcome by your newness,

I watch bewildered and amazed,

As your personality took shape.

Wide-eyed you began to recognize me,

Smiles, soft chuckles, clutching my finger,

As I made silly noises to get your attention.

Who was the child,

It was you…or maybe me perhaps,

I felt like a kid again if only for a short while.

You are part of me,

Part of my legacy,

One that adds greater beauty to this world.

You have completed me,

Made me the father I never thought I would be,

You are the loves of my life.