Hidden Amongst Ash

Hidden amongst ash

Bones and memories still thrive;

Haunting the living,

Choosing not to let them go

They are invited to stay.

We welcome them in

Sharing with them–our futures,

Our hopes and our dreams,

Only to be left in chains

Imprisoned by our dark past.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Long For Silent Sleep

I long for silent sleep
Where dreams take holiday
And nightmares cower in their tombs.
Oh how I have prayed for the abolition of my demons
Banishing them back to Hell,
But I am weak and afraid.
They claw at me in my waking hours
And draw blood in my slumber.
I am but a frightened child
Bowing to their every whim.
To fight them can only encourage pain,
A pain suffered more than once o’er’ these many years.
So I deny the monsters that haunt me;
Pretending that all is well
While I await their next onslaught.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Ghosts are haunting me

Are they real or imaged

What does it matter

Things long dead keep appearing

Wanting to rejoin this life

This can’t be allowed

The past must be left buried

Buried forever

Like the fate of all dead things

To rest in peace–eternal


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Finality of Life (Sonnet)

Finality of life remains elusive to the young,

No concept do they have of how fleeting is time.

We all had our anthems that as teens we had sung

Shouting out defiance in verse and in rhyme.


Then age ushers wisdom and illusion fades away

Leaving reality as a cold and harsh fact.

We realize that living must be lived for today

For tomorrow is for fools who will never act.


Maybe the young had the idea all along

To live fearless and only for the day.

Never considering what was right or wrong

Instead choosing to do things their own way.


Now as our ends draw ever near, we realize what little time we are here,

Do today whatever you can, do not postpone out of shyness or fear.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Looking Back

Looking back over rounded shoulders,

At friends who’ve long passed;

He can see them like yesterday,

So much like him today.

“Maybe I don’t want to go forward alone”, he thought,

His blanket of bronze and gold

Offering little warmth to his heart grown cold.

His parched lips quiver under mossy beard,

Longing for a sip of cool mountain water.

What lies ahead scares him

Standing at rivers edge.

In his youth no apprehension would he have shown,

His fearlessness bringing out the best in him,

But no longer is he fearless, no longer is he emulous.

Instead he is resigned to spend his life’s remainder…

Waving goodbye to what was

And what might have been.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

(Words at the Weekend – 17-18 August 2013 prompts)


Icy Froth

Icy froth crashes over unshod feet,

Numbing and cramping as they slowly sink into sea-washed sand,

Pant legs soaked with limitless brine.

The gale whips up waves dressed in white one after another,

Chilling me to the bone with cold excitement,

Breath and spirit become one with the undulation.

Sting of salt spray does not deter as I spy the fractured horizon,

Dreaming of serving on the distant freighter

Rising and falling with the swells on it’s way to exotic ports.

What better life is there than to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your brethren

Under sun and on sea,

Conjoined with the natural forces overhead and underfoot.

Were it not for you my love– this destiny I would have fulfilled,

But alas…it was not to be,

For I love you more than the sand, the sun and the sea.

So here I stand,

Looking out on what might have been,

Joyful for what is

And content with what will be.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Gone Is Gone

Image credit  - momastery.com

Image credit – momastery.com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Wasted away with reckless abandon

Abused and neglected as though nothing to lose

Elder years bestow the treasure most deeply cherished

For in youth we’re blind to the riches worth

Trusting the vein will flow eternal

“till tragedy or life doth rear it’s head

Once lost to gluttony its lost to eternity

No matter how hard we try to relive

Regret can destroy through foolishness folly

As we know not when we be called back home

Squander not the gift so limited and precious

Share freely with those you most dearly love

The value of time cannot be embellished

For fleeting moments once gone are gone