Were Today Thy Last (Sonnet)

Were today thy last, wouldst thou giveth all ye had,

Or wouldst thou hoardeth as the miser does.

Hiding his worth from all his lasses and lads,

Vowing to take it with him as if thy soul it was.


Foolish art thou who believeth this lie,

For nothing of this world shalt survive the beyond.

To ash it doth turn on the day that we die,

It matters not how precious nor how fond.


Thy treasures are but bobbles, no worth doth they hold,

Once thou hath taken thy deep and final breath.

Arrogance and greed, both foolhardy and bold,

Revealed as thou art lowered to thy grave upon death.


Giveth now with the fullest of hearts for thy time upon earth is but brief,

Resulting in lightness and joy in thy heart to thy soul this shalt come as relief.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


His Treasure

His calloused hands, soft

Caressing her loving cheek

She– his pot of gold

Greeting his broken body

With an understanding smile


His reason to live

Waits for him at long days end

Asking nothing more

Than to be loved as she loves

This he could never deny


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Gone Is Gone

Image credit  - momastery.com

Image credit – momastery.com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Wasted away with reckless abandon

Abused and neglected as though nothing to lose

Elder years bestow the treasure most deeply cherished

For in youth we’re blind to the riches worth

Trusting the vein will flow eternal

“till tragedy or life doth rear it’s head

Once lost to gluttony its lost to eternity

No matter how hard we try to relive

Regret can destroy through foolishness folly

As we know not when we be called back home

Squander not the gift so limited and precious

Share freely with those you most dearly love

The value of time cannot be embellished

For fleeting moments once gone are gone

Cherished One

By D. R. DiFrancesco


A lavender haze abounds

The scent of lilac and persimmon permeates the air

What heavenly gifts to the senses

You, my love are such a treasure to behold

Bathed in these precious gifts from God

Your ivory skin soft to the touch

Perfumed in natures bounty stimulates my soul

Surely this must be Utopia

For to know you, you must be loved

In you is found serenity

A beauty deeper than the deepest of oceans

What further testimony need be professed

Than that of one enlightened by your being

It is not the physical alone

No, for that would be ensconced in the superficial

This may suffice were it not for your genuine modesty

Mere words can not portray the essence of you

As it is hidden behind a gentle facade

To ask for more would be an act of gluttony

An offence to the glory of nature

A sin against the wisdom of the Creator

You are perfection in my tired eyes

Beloved for all time