Must We Acquire

Must we acquire,

Hoarding what we do not need?

This–the western way,

Insatiable avarice

For money and possessions.

What is this sickness?

Is not a roof, bed and food

Enough to appease?

Incessant hunger say no

As we persist to garner.

When the bell does toll

We find this was all for naught;

None of it mattered.

Kindness, love and happiness

Were all we ever needed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Ravenously You Look Upon This World

Ravenously you look upon this world as a pirates chest,

Waiting to be plundered and pillaged.

Do you not see wrong in this?

The spoils are not for the powerful.

In fact–they are not spoils at all,

But gifts given for our momentary use!

These “things” we so desperately seek,

They are but tokens…nothing,

Objects of desire that cannot save us,

I am quite certain of this.

These lands in which we stake our flags,

The waters which we claim as ours,

The air with which we do as we please,

Polluting, damming, acid rain, smog,

Thieving, eminent domain,

None of this is ours to possess!

We do not hold dominion over this world,

By doing so we destroy these gifts.

We war in the name of possession;

Subjugating others for profit,

Excluding those that we deem unfit.

Who made us king, master, dictator?

Some may say God,

That He made us lord over his creation,

But I disagree.

Did God grant Adam and Eve property rights,

Ownership of His design for them to do with as they pleased,

Did He sanction the hoarding of food, water or any other means of sustenance,

Or did His plan instruct them to take just what they need?

Since He would provide all that was required, greed and gluttony should have been unthinkable,

Yet we managed to bastardize His plan.

We overindulge in sustenance and material things,

Collecting property as if it was ours to keep,

Threatening to slaughter those that trespass.

Taking all that exists in this world to share and claiming it as our own.

Cultures considered less civilized than ours still exist,

They don’t need a mortgage for the ground on which they sleep,

They don’t feel the need to claim possession of the air which they breath,

Nor feel the need to control the waters,

They just live,

Taking no more than they can carry,

Leaving no trace behind.

Is there not elegance in their simplicity?

We lost our way eons ago,

Our path overgrown with weeds.

Still there is hope,

Though unlikely in my lifetime,

That we may once again trample a path

Back to our divine design.

Living simply,

Trusting that there is enough for everyone,

Sharing with those in need;

Unrealistic perhaps,

But this is my dream.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

What Lies Beyond We Can Never Know (Sonnet)

What lies beyond we can never know,

To fear the unknown is for the spirit weak.

Perception is purely what we show

And carried on the words we speak.


When we offer love to those who need,

Love returns a thousand fold.

Through this we plant a heavenly seed,

Divine this spirit we cannot hold.


Ours is not to gather and hoard,

But to share all that we’ve been graced.

These good deeds will never be scored,

Nor should we count the blessings placed.


This is why I believe we’re here, to help those who have lost their way.

This is how it has always been though often times we neglect to portray.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Were Today Thy Last (Sonnet)

Were today thy last, wouldst thou giveth all ye had,

Or wouldst thou hoardeth as the miser does.

Hiding his worth from all his lasses and lads,

Vowing to take it with him as if thy soul it was.


Foolish art thou who believeth this lie,

For nothing of this world shalt survive the beyond.

To ash it doth turn on the day that we die,

It matters not how precious nor how fond.


Thy treasures are but bobbles, no worth doth they hold,

Once thou hath taken thy deep and final breath.

Arrogance and greed, both foolhardy and bold,

Revealed as thou art lowered to thy grave upon death.


Giveth now with the fullest of hearts for thy time upon earth is but brief,

Resulting in lightness and joy in thy heart to thy soul this shalt come as relief.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Ember And Wolf

Embers waft skyward

Like a million tiny suns.

Free to travel ,

Going where the wind takes them,

Caring not where they land

Nor what the future holds.

Their time is now,

Today is all there is

As spark turns to ash.


Wolf, drinks and hunts

Taking only what he needs.

Caring for the survival of the pack;

Not one bit more does he consume.

Living for today,

Feeding their future,

As it has always been,

As it will always be,

Until flesh turns to bone.


Man the hoarder,

Eats and drinks to excess.

Gorging himself,

Engaged to the point of gluttony,

Feasting on food and goods

As if life were an eternity.

Living for today,

Collecting for tomorrow,

Denying his mortal end.


Simple ember,

Lowly wolf,

Live by their design

Within the boundary of nature.

Man exploits all that he’s been given,

Accepting what he needs

Then grabbing what he wants,

Leaving nothing

For the ember and the wolf.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

To See The River

To see the river and watch it flow,

Effortlessly from where it came to whence it go

Never curious about why or where,

Traveling with grace, nary a care.

Unlike man who obsesses and frets,

About all that he gives and all that he gets.

Grabbing as much as he possibly can,

Selfish and hoarding ‘til it gets out of hand.

Then in the end they find all is for naught,

Worth nothing more than a penny for a thought.

Wise would it have been to follow rivers example,

Living with ease, nature provides all that is ample.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~