Must We Acquire

Must we acquire,

Hoarding what we do not need?

This–the western way,

Insatiable avarice

For money and possessions.

What is this sickness?

Is not a roof, bed and food

Enough to appease?

Incessant hunger say no

As we persist to garner.

When the bell does toll

We find this was all for naught;

None of it mattered.

Kindness, love and happiness

Were all we ever needed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Oh!, envious obsession,

One of seven deadly sins,

Lust for another’s possessions,

Breeds avarice and contempt,

All to what end?

A life of misery,

Constant sadness and dissatisfaction,

Hate, an unquenchable longing,

Reprehensible to a life so succinct,

Cherish the gifts bestowed,

Rejoice in nature,

The heavens,

In family,

For nothing is of greater import,

Earthly possessions are but temporary,

Absconded or lost in passing,

Leaving a desirous heart,

Empty and alone in what lies,

In the hereafter.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~