All Hallows Eve (Acrostic)

Approach with haste O’ pagan night

Let ghost and ghoul cause scream and fright

Little children in costume plead

Holding out bags, on treats they feed

Alas the spirits under moonlit sky

Lumber and moan from low and high

Leading us all in a sinister dance

On Halloween in the devils prance

We think not of the origin of day

Slinking around in the shadows we play

Ever oblivious is probably best

Villains and monsters and all of the rest

Endear this festival from east to west


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Days of Glory–Now Have Begun to Fade

Days of glory–now have begun to fade,

Road of deceit paved with lies has been laid.

Whistles blown reveal what we already knew,

A world acts shocked, surprising but a few.

Look deep inside–is this really so astonishing,

You must admit you knew though you’re not admonishing.

Since long before the Cold War this chess playing out,

Hidden in shadows and silence, eluded roundabout.

A line was crossed when citizens privacy up for grabs,

Our rights have been violated by little pin-prick stabs.

All was done for benefit of protecting the greater masses,

See how the peoples ire quickly passes.

Hence I propose that we are getting what we deserve,

This will be the justice and this our punishment serve.

For forfeiting our rights in fear and imagined protection,

So easily we give away more rights with every election.

And now the world is told this is all done for their good,

Its no longer a question of whether we shouldn’t or we should,

We’re sorry for any wrong that we may have caused,

It wasn’t our intention to overstep any laws.

In reality though we are sorry, sorry we got caught,

Complain as you will on deaf ears you cries are for naught.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Do Words Affect Change

Do words affect change

Cause joy, pain, devastation

Linger in silence

Long after they’ve been uttered

Encouraging further thought

Is life made better

Uncertain futures improved

Or are they just words

Sounds vibrating through the air

Ink purposefully strewn

Blotting out the white

Filling meaningless canvas

Do words affect change

I certainly think they do

Or all of this is for naught


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I See You in My Dreams

I see you in my dreams;

Vivid as day, real as if this was reality.

When I awake, only then do I realize it was my mind

Playing a celluloid trick on my psyche.

Salty tears stain my cheeks,

Heart racing, body shuddering, I weep.

You were there, I was there–

I could see you,

Smell your fragrance,

Feel your touch, skin on skin–

Then you were gone, fading into oblivion.

With only a look and a smile over your alabaster shoulder;

You said nothing, your eyes said it all.

Tarnished by longing and sorrow;

Goodbye revealed in their parting glance

You vanished, I am alone.

Was this a dream or love reincarnate?

It matters not.

Either way–

I am lost without you.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Celebrate Halloween with Catalysts By Charles E. Yallowitz!

Celebrate Halloween with Catalysts the newly released novella by Charles E. Yallowitz author of Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero, and Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.

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Catalysts by Charles E. Yallowitz

When trapped in an elevator together, Jeffrey and Darla learn that misery doesn’t always love company. With the screams of death and chaos echoing from outside, they find themselves slowly slipping into a world of fear and darkness they may never recover from. All the while, something is terrorizing the convention outside and turning the guests and celebrities into psychotic monsters.


A Lifetime Spent Forging Ahead

A lifetime spent forging ahead,

Ever closer to the raging river.

Tumultuous and wrought with fear

I approach the fjord fraught with peril.

I squint to spy a shore

The bank far too distant to see.

What awaits–Oh that is the question

Asked before, asked again eternally.

Its in the book of Testament Old and New,

Torah, Pistis Sophia, Koran among the few.

Through the ages told to look, to believe

And yes! Ye shall find what ye need,

But it is not so clear, nor has it ever been,

I can’t know what awaits on that far off shore.

Trusting there is more than what I’ve seen,

Like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night

I must trust, I must believe through faith I will live,

For without what is left, but a story with a tragic end.

This cannot, must not be, never created nor destroyed,

I have been forever and will be forever more.

Mortal science has proven the mystics of yore,

There must be life,yes–I must live when I cross the river

As spirit abandons the bodies mortal core.

With each step I take, another step closer,

Sooner than later I will know, I will see what awaits;

Try as we may we cannot escape our human fate.

A fate long sealed by Adam’s rib named Eve

What else can we do, but trust and believe

That all is not lost, that living is not futile,

Lest we spend our days in tears as we grieve.

I refuse!  I will not grieve nor give in to hopelessness,

This by the grace of God I confess

To waste not one breathing moment in sadness

Instead to walk in the ways of gladness

‘Til my time on earth is through.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~