It Speaks In Tongues

It speaks in tongues,

Jagged and cruel to the ear.


It gnaws at human flesh, my flesh

Carnivorous and cannibalistic,

Leaving scars deep within.


These scars, the blood I let is unseen,

Yet the tears are real,

Signs of the pain I’ve embraced

As a lover to his love.


O’ the excuses I’ve made

While revelling in my torment.

I’ve chosen not to go on,

To anchor my future to the misery of the past.

You would not have wanted this, I know,

But weakness and loss are all that I have left.

I understand them,

I take comfort in their constancy

Though they devastate my soul.


To love again would be far more than I could bear,

To smile at the new day would dilute me,

Partaking of joy in the joy of another would sacrifice me!

I am unworthy of romance, of passion

With a heart melancholy and corrupted..


Of this I am certain,

Fate whether by God or my own hand

Will haunt me until the day that I die.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Filleted Flesh From Bone

Filleted flesh from bone

Cut by separations blade

My love so distant

Pain so intense I’m in tears

Draining blood from heart and soul

When will my wounds mend

When will tears finally dry

When will torment end

Reuniting with my love

Never again torn apart


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


How Terrible To Be Separated From One’s Love (Acrostic)

How terrible to be separated from one’s love,

Oceans mocking with their insurmountable gauntlet;

Praying on the tender heart as if expendable.

Elicit my wrath you vile beast!

Love conquers all or so the saying goes,

End your repeated assaults on star-crossed lovers

So that those destined to be united might consume.

Save your sour vengeance for hell,

Releasing us to our burning desires.

Over your objections we shall conquer.

My steel shall slaughter your thirst

And leave us to our own destiny.

Neither man nor beast shall stand in our path,

This I vow until my last breath.

I love you, shall be written in the stars

Completing our journey destined by the Creator.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This poem was inspired by Julian Froment and the poem he posted today to his love, Ionia Martin.  I have found it very sad that these two people have to live separate lives when they are obviously destined to be together.  I hope that whatever is keeping them apart is resolved very soon. 

A Ghostly Apparition (Sonnet)

A ghostly apparition on shoreline I spied,

Pacing to and fro through deep hours of night.

I thought from my window I captured her cry

From what must have been a terrible fright.

Dressed all in white from an era long gone

Stream of tears from my eyes I did shed.

Distress in her step and the pipers last song

This lover to her death must’ve led.

Legend exists of a star-crossed romance

Ending in the most tragic of ways.

They claim it occurred by strange circumstance

Young lovers they drowned in the bay.

When the shock finally passed nothing, but sorrow did I feel

There was nothing I could offer for her wounds I could not heal.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I See You in My Dreams

I see you in my dreams;

Vivid as day, real as if this was reality.

When I awake, only then do I realize it was my mind

Playing a celluloid trick on my psyche.

Salty tears stain my cheeks,

Heart racing, body shuddering, I weep.

You were there, I was there–

I could see you,

Smell your fragrance,

Feel your touch, skin on skin–

Then you were gone, fading into oblivion.

With only a look and a smile over your alabaster shoulder;

You said nothing, your eyes said it all.

Tarnished by longing and sorrow;

Goodbye revealed in their parting glance

You vanished, I am alone.

Was this a dream or love reincarnate?

It matters not.

Either way–

I am lost without you.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~