All of the friendships in the world do not change that.

Born alone,

Die alone,

No one else can do either for us,

This is as it’s always been.

Looking to God,

Looking to our family,

We look to others for comfort,

But there is nothing,

Only the comfort we find within.

We fool ourselves thinking otherwise.

Why do we look for solace in acquaintances,

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers;

They cannot travel our journey.

In passing they cannot hold our hands.

This does not mean they do not love us,

Only that they can do nothing,

But wish us well and pray that our journey

Is something greater than a trip to oblivion.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

It Speaks In Tongues

It speaks in tongues,

Jagged and cruel to the ear.


It gnaws at human flesh, my flesh

Carnivorous and cannibalistic,

Leaving scars deep within.


These scars, the blood I let is unseen,

Yet the tears are real,

Signs of the pain I’ve embraced

As a lover to his love.


O’ the excuses I’ve made

While revelling in my torment.

I’ve chosen not to go on,

To anchor my future to the misery of the past.

You would not have wanted this, I know,

But weakness and loss are all that I have left.

I understand them,

I take comfort in their constancy

Though they devastate my soul.


To love again would be far more than I could bear,

To smile at the new day would dilute me,

Partaking of joy in the joy of another would sacrifice me!

I am unworthy of romance, of passion

With a heart melancholy and corrupted..


Of this I am certain,

Fate whether by God or my own hand

Will haunt me until the day that I die.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Eternal Mourning (A Personal Observation)

Sadness and tears, claim the soul for years…maybe a lifetime, but at what cost?  

As mortals, death is the inevitable culmination of life, but this is of little consolation to the irrational minds of man.

We look to eternity…nay we believe that we are eternal to satisfy our fear of the inevitable.  Is this not simply the denial of what we humans cannot change.  Whether you believe in the Divine or that this is a life of finality is of little consequence.  We can never truly know, except by the man made belief in faith.  

Look at the broken souls around you, those trapped in a cycle of sorrow and realize that their suffering is, but a test of strength, a test of their fortitude that only they can come to terms with.

It is not our place to criticize or rationalize their suffering, but instead it is our purpose here on earth to sympathize and comfort those in need remembering that we all mourn in our own way.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Passing

Clouds, grey and foreboding hang heavy as my heart.

This unsculpted field of weeds and stone lays before me,

Watered by tears and sorrow,

Sadness of lost love, loss of cherished companions,

Lives sacrificed to the natural or tragic.

It matters not how or why to this pain so intense,

For with each thought of death the abyss broadens,

Taking miniscule pieces of us beyond.

Flowers once vibrant dry and blacken,

Bowing before their marble master in death.

Refreshed for a time, but soon forgotten,

Left to crumble and scatter in the wind.

Not for lack of caring or sympathy, but resign,

No more to pursue this self-torment and pity.

What good does it do for those passed,

Is not life to be walked amongst the living?

Leaving the dead to their eternal rest;

We will reunite with those beyond our touch,

One day, in the place of our faith,

Joined together in a future unknown.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Ode to Alicia

O’ what sorrows hang under the placid moon,

Beguiled as we wait before an open tomb.


Unexpectedly passing in horrid way,

O’er the hilltop, contorted and lifeless you lay.


Cowardly murderer ran with haste from his deed,

Hiding as rats will do in thicket and weed.


Hide from God! You most certainly cannot,

Judgement at the gates will harshly begot.


O’ dear Alicia…how young and innocent you were,

Just a child– Undeserving of a life to pass as a blur.


While the foul miscreant thrives and lives on,

Corrupt of conscience, never considered you were gone.


O’ how the parents grieve for their little lost soul,

All while this pariah slithers into Satan’s black hole.


Squalid tomb– Why take solace in so young a life?

So cold, so final, no comfort to the progenitors strife!


Judgement befitting the crime, our earthly courts did not levy,

Cries for hanging be raised at the hands of a justified bevy.


No! Justice in this lifetime is not to be,

Pray God, Hell’s hanging tree hath a place for he.


As the tomb eternal be sealed from the light,

Candles pay homage to a life once so bright.


A place be laid for you Alicia…at the foot of God’s throne,

For all to take comfort that you will never be alone.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Requiem for Peter

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Words seem inadequate at such a time,

More than just a colleague you were a friend,

I can’t imagine the anguish and fear that must have gripped you.

Sadly, all we could do was watch,

Offer faint attempts at support,

And secretly hope that you would recover.

This was not to be,

You aged right before our eyes,

Hair, once salt and pepper turned white and paleness  entered your skin,

A shell of the man you used to be.

Your strength however, was inspirational,

Disease did not deter you from your labors,

Your attitude always focused on the positive.

Our lives my friend, were enriched just to have known you,

You left far more to this world than you took,

And this world will be a little emptier without you.

May you find peace and comfort with your maker,

As those that knew you come to terms with your passing,

Farewell dear friend…you will be sorely missed.

** In memory of my colleague Peter who passed away last night from lung cancer.