All of the friendships in the world do not change that.

Born alone,

Die alone,

No one else can do either for us,

This is as it’s always been.

Looking to God,

Looking to our family,

We look to others for comfort,

But there is nothing,

Only the comfort we find within.

We fool ourselves thinking otherwise.

Why do we look for solace in acquaintances,

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers;

They cannot travel our journey.

In passing they cannot hold our hands.

This does not mean they do not love us,

Only that they can do nothing,

But wish us well and pray that our journey

Is something greater than a trip to oblivion.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Snow Covered Meadow

Snow covered meadow,


Invisible animals

The only signs of life.

How peaceful is winter’s blanket

From behind frosted window pane.

Harshness tempered by modernity

Heat, Wisp of steam

Floral scent of herbal tea filling the air.

Thankful to be witnessing

Beauty and cruelty,

From the comfort of home.


.~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

We Stand In Arrogance

We stand in arrogance,

Our own world–the only world

Feeling not the pain of others.

We are removed, unsympathetic, unconcerned,

It does not touch our lives.

You cannot touch video.

You cannot smell the written word.

You cannot taste their anguish.

Too far separated are we!

It is not real though we know it is,

Allowing oceans to separate safety from reality.

Sit quietly in the warmth and comfort of your homes,

Sip your coffee, piping hot and fresh,

Enjoy the bounty of the food that surrounds you,

Sleep well in the softness of your bed,

Watch your news,

Read your paper,

Pretend that all is right with the world,

But remember distance is merely an illusion.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Sanguine Is This Soul Of Mine

Sanguine is this soul of mine,

Joyous in being, breathing, loving, all that this creation has thrown at me,

Be it pleasant or not I am thankful.

Goodness does not come without pain..this has been my experience.

I am not bitter for the anguish I have endured,

The blood I have tasted on my tongue, the bruises worn in honor,

They have strengthened my resolve,

Enhancing that which brings me solace and jubilation.

You are not alone!

This misery, your father and your father’s father before him withstood,

All for a chance to taste euphoria,

Are these not the jewels for which we spend a lifetime in search?

Dear friend, be not weary or disillusioned;

Beyond this torment is bliss– be it in this world or the next.

We, one and all, are pawns in this game,

One whose end is synonymous,

Whether rich or poor, with the victor being…

The human condition


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Cast Out These Demons

Cast out these demons

That torture my wretched soul

Like the bane of Job

Carrying on by faith

Though physically tormented


Am I strong enough

A question I’ve often asked

Getting no response

I fear that I’ve been given

Much more than this man can bear


Destined to struggle

Though I know I’m not alone

This holds no comfort

As I wander through this world

Defending against evil


The mortal evil

That plagues all men from within

Instilled at their birth

Threatening to damn our souls

To the immortal hellfire


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

My Heart Cries For You

My heart cries for you

Helplessly twisted in knots

But what can I do

Comfort is all I can give

While you are curled in grief

Wiping tears away

Embracing you as lover

And as dearest friend

You are my reason to live

My love and my everything


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Winter’s Day

Shafts of golden beam

Carry dust and dreams

Through panes stained

From winds and rain

Warming on a cold winter’s day

Secured from dhill, inside I will stay

A cup of tea in one hand

Envisioning holiday in a warmer land

Comfort in a good book I will read

In these I find all the solace I need

Nothings better on a cold winter day

Than a good book, hot tea and…

                       A mind allowed to stray

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~