Greatness Is Hidden

Greatness is hidden

Behind a curtain of fear

Vile and ugly

Truly…what is to be gained

For the lecherous many


A green light to hate

Harkening back to dark times

When race reigned supreme

Murder was freely sanctioned

With some holding little worth


We aren’t this people

Covered in blood and blackness

We are so much more

Look deeply into your soul

See the light that calls your name


This light is called love

And we are charged as shepherds

Tending to its flock

What’s best of America

Exists behind this veil


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco  ~~

New Years (Acrostic)

Now this year, it comes to a close

Ending on the wings of The Dove.

What lies ahead, no one knows,  but

Yahweh in heaven above.

Each resolution we swear to uphold

And honor what Christmas time brings.

Returning as quickly to ourselves of old,

In our lust for material things..


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Privy to Others Conversations (Sonnet)

Privy to others conversations, my ears are burning,

Listening to the incessant feeding of negatives hunger.

Voraciously seeking the sympathy, they’re yearning,

Causing me to wince, my nerves they shudder.


Perpetuating hatred–conspiracy under guise of neutrality,

Practicing not what they publicly preach.

Choosing instead to live a different reality,

One that’s close-minded, but so in their reach.


Why is it that man prefers deafness, to be blind,

Rather than change the narrowness of anuninformed course.

Archaic is their thinking of the most ignorant kind,

Thinking they can change others, spewing shallow discourse.


If only they would look inside to goodness buried deep within,

No place could vile hatred hide, the world’s healing would begin.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



What Lies Beyond We Can Never Know (Sonnet)

What lies beyond we can never know,

To fear the unknown is for the spirit weak.

Perception is purely what we show

And carried on the words we speak.


When we offer love to those who need,

Love returns a thousand fold.

Through this we plant a heavenly seed,

Divine this spirit we cannot hold.


Ours is not to gather and hoard,

But to share all that we’ve been graced.

These good deeds will never be scored,

Nor should we count the blessings placed.


This is why I believe we’re here, to help those who have lost their way.

This is how it has always been though often times we neglect to portray.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Pondering The Path Of My Oft Written Word (Sonnet)

Pondering the path of my oft written word,

So much of my ink reeks of despair.

Wallowing in pity and the ills of this world,

Finding negativity to be very unfair.


Feeding and nurturing causes nothing but harm,

Perpetuating sadness to a greater degree.

Raising awareness and causing alarm,

Missing the good in all that I see.


Regret fills my heart for its adverse contribution,

Changing its path is my journey of life.

Believing in love instead of divine retribution,

Destined for virtue not sorrow and strife.


Sustaining the horrors of this world denies change,

Perpetual harm and devastation does it arrange.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Two Simple Words

Two simple words,

Three little letters,

Commanded by God eons ago.

Spoken with respect or not spoken at all.

Blasphemous if taken personally.

Held sacred in the Torah as in the Old Testament.



Instilling fear in the faithful–

But why?

Are we not made of God,

In the image of God,

Each a Creator in our own right?

As written in first John,

“He who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

So why are we so afraid?

If I am filled with love… am I not love?

And therefore,

If I am love am I not…

I Am?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Who Is He

Who is he?

That is if he is a he and not a she?

He is whomever we need him to be.

He is all powerful to those that feel powerless.

He is all loving to those whose hearts are broken.

He is all forgiving to those who have gone astray.

He is all understanding to those who are in turmoil.

He is all comforting to those who have been wronged.

He is all knowing, all seeing, all hearing..

He is the reason for the good in this world.

He is the reason for the evil in this world.

He creates.

He destroys.

He punishes.

He saves.

We are his likeness.

We are him and he is us.

We can be powerful to help those feeling powerless.

We can be loving to those with hearts that are broken.

We can be forgiving to those who have gone astray.

We can be understanding to those who are in turmoil.

We can be comforting to those who have been wronged.

We can know, can see, can hear.

We can do good in this world.

We can do evil in this world.

We create.

We destroy.

We punish.

We save.

We look outside instead of looking inside.

Perhaps we had the answers all along,

But were too blind to see.



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~