In The Angriest Sky

In the angriest sky

Peace doth prevail.

Her rains, the tenderest kiss

Baptizing this poor sinner.

Look not upon her in dismay,

For beyond her blackness is light.

A serenity beyond outward appearance

Offered to thee if thine eyes you will open.

All is not as bleak as thou believest,

Thy turmoil is but momentary,

Soon to depart if thou wilt allow,

Affording ingress to a brighter day.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Negativity (Acrostic)

Nightmares, perhaps a chemical imbalance

Edge me ever closer to the precipice.

Granted, I have had a favorable life;

Adorned with friends, family and children,

Time, health, home, finances have been kind.

In spite of all this, happiness eludes me.

Venom spews from my lips quite freely

Instigated by a darkness living deep within.

This I must tame if I am to find lasting peace

Yet I question daily, my ability to do so.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Intemperate Mood

Intemperate mood greets the day,

An avalanche of negativity,

Red carpet for angry outbursts.

Circumstances–weakness of the mind

Blossoms into crimson rage;

Control unattainable.

Justifying actions, so mortal

Refusing to admit humanness, so flawed.

This cannot go on,

This must not go on for sanity’s sake.

Composure must be restored,

Blood pressure, headaches put in check

Anger tamped down.

Knowing this does not diminish the effects

Detrimental and painful.

Deep breaths, soothing mantras serve to calm

Restoring semblance of normalcy.

Considering what could have been done better,

Injecting positivity into aura

Brightening an otherwise dismal day.

Finding balance within

Returns the soul to peace

From the precipice of spiritual disaster.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Frozen To The Bone

Frozen to the bone.

Bleeding heart ripped from its soul;

Faith in man–fading!

In an eyes blink we do kill,

No remorse ‘til it’s too late.   This seems oh so cold,

Against what we preach is right,

Yet it doesn’t stop.

We are Neanderthals still,

Little evolved from our past.

Please don’t fool yourselves,

We are wolves disguised as sheep,

Prepared to slaughter.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Privy to Others Conversations (Sonnet)

Privy to others conversations, my ears are burning,

Listening to the incessant feeding of negatives hunger.

Voraciously seeking the sympathy, they’re yearning,

Causing me to wince, my nerves they shudder.


Perpetuating hatred–conspiracy under guise of neutrality,

Practicing not what they publicly preach.

Choosing instead to live a different reality,

One that’s close-minded, but so in their reach.


Why is it that man prefers deafness, to be blind,

Rather than change the narrowness of anuninformed course.

Archaic is their thinking of the most ignorant kind,

Thinking they can change others, spewing shallow discourse.


If only they would look inside to goodness buried deep within,

No place could vile hatred hide, the world’s healing would begin.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Pondering The Path Of My Oft Written Word (Sonnet)

Pondering the path of my oft written word,

So much of my ink reeks of despair.

Wallowing in pity and the ills of this world,

Finding negativity to be very unfair.


Feeding and nurturing causes nothing but harm,

Perpetuating sadness to a greater degree.

Raising awareness and causing alarm,

Missing the good in all that I see.


Regret fills my heart for its adverse contribution,

Changing its path is my journey of life.

Believing in love instead of divine retribution,

Destined for virtue not sorrow and strife.


Sustaining the horrors of this world denies change,

Perpetual harm and devastation does it arrange.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Astounding (Sonnet)

Astounding are those that look for reasons to be unhappy,

Conspiracy theories, news of the day meant to depress.

Written to convince of their literal trappings,

Our joy these words are designed to suppress.

These fools like sponges absorb utter nonsense,

Wringing out their bile in attempts to bait.

To the logical man these issues make no sense,

How much clearer must I say it, so not to restate.

Misery loves company as the old saying goes,

If willing to engage in this game.

An illness instilling more harm than will show,

On all but yourself you will blame.

Let not the lure of negativity entice you, destructive to the mind in the end,

Look for what’s positive it will surely enrich you, your body and soul it shall mend.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Venom in Wretched Hearts Doth Flow (Sonnet)

Venom in wretched hearts doth flow,

Poisoning the mind, the body, the soul.

Sinking yellowed claws, they refuse to let go,

Dragging us down into blackened hole.


Choosing to wallow in pity, our woeful state,

Winding path we refuse to veer.

Preferring to traipse the same abject fate,

As if it were something we held so dear.


Nay–this is not how we were created,

With sorrow and fear to guide our way.

This truth could never be overstated,

If we change with the dawn of another day.


Pessimism serves none, but the weakest of spirit,

But optimism doth breed success to those that will hear it.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~