Humanities Walk

Humanities walk

Either joyful or a drudge

The choice of each soul

Living in the past

Wallowing in self-pity

Brings only despair

Drawing one into the blackness

Making the light of hope dim

Look at the present

Be thankful for all you have

See only the good

This will enrich your whole life

And grant you abundant peace


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Astounding (Sonnet)

Astounding are those that look for reasons to be unhappy,

Conspiracy theories, news of the day meant to depress.

Written to convince of their literal trappings,

Our joy these words are designed to suppress.

These fools like sponges absorb utter nonsense,

Wringing out their bile in attempts to bait.

To the logical man these issues make no sense,

How much clearer must I say it, so not to restate.

Misery loves company as the old saying goes,

If willing to engage in this game.

An illness instilling more harm than will show,

On all but yourself you will blame.

Let not the lure of negativity entice you, destructive to the mind in the end,

Look for what’s positive it will surely enrich you, your body and soul it shall mend.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Trapped in this chasm, my mind

Constantly looking…

Searching for something only I can provide

Realizing, but still denying the power

Peering into the eyes of friends and strangers

Seeking approval…

Begging for their projection of happiness

Only to be disappointed

Let down by their inability to meet my desires

My need for acceptance,

My need for love,

My need for joy that once staked claim to my soul

But has since blow away

Sailing to parts unknown

As I lay quiet staring at the stark white ceiling

Tears, salty and warm sting my bloodshot eyes

Crying as I’ve done so many nights before

Tomorrows another day

Maybe I’ll find what I am looking for on the other side of the door

Waiting to embrace me

Envelope me

Wash me in the happiness that I so desperately pray for


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~