A Full Life

I’ve lived longer than many

And not as long as some.

With each days pass I am thankful,

Thankful for living a full life,

Whether it be one day or one hundred years.

Every life is full,

Perhaps not to those left behind,

But it was to they that lived it.

It was theirs and no others;

Their birth, life and death,

They knew no different .

This was the gift, the time they were given .

Will I have a tomorrow?

I know not the answer,

I do know that what will be will be,

Of that I am certain

And no amount of angst will alter it.

I cannot think of tomorrow

For it may never come.

What I have is here! Is now!

This is the entirety of life

Until the next moment arrives, God willing

And I’m given a little more time to live…

This full life.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Trapped in this chasm, my mind

Constantly looking…

Searching for something only I can provide

Realizing, but still denying the power

Peering into the eyes of friends and strangers

Seeking approval…

Begging for their projection of happiness

Only to be disappointed

Let down by their inability to meet my desires

My need for acceptance,

My need for love,

My need for joy that once staked claim to my soul

But has since blow away

Sailing to parts unknown

As I lay quiet staring at the stark white ceiling

Tears, salty and warm sting my bloodshot eyes

Crying as I’ve done so many nights before

Tomorrows another day

Maybe I’ll find what I am looking for on the other side of the door

Waiting to embrace me

Envelope me

Wash me in the happiness that I so desperately pray for


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


No Time

No time do I have for sadness,

No time for fear,

No time for what was,

No time for what should have been,

No time for what could have been,

Its all I can do to handle today,

To prepare for tomorrow,

To do better,

Be better than I was yesterday.

Anything else diminishes me.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Past, Present, Future

What a weighty beast this animal regret,

Overshadowing the contemporary with antiquity,

For what purpose but to depress.

This concept of past, present, future inequity.

Each fleeting second paints our past,

Never ending, unavoidable, unchangeable

Causing distress and unhappiness if permitted.

Future bears no less weight,

Harboring angst in it’s face…unknown.

To what end, fear, hesitance, isolation.

No one can foretell what challenges lay ahead,

Destiny is what it will be,

Beyond mortal knowledge and control.

Remaining is present, here and now.

Over this deviant only, do we have influence,

Choice…free will, holds dominant sway.

Present is ours to sculpt into a masterpiece;

Then, in an unfathomable moment it fades into past

Never to be relived, redone, reconsidered.

Energies expended on present are well spent,

Are obtainable, conceivable, justifiable.

Past and future serve only to bleed us;

Sapping mind, body and spirit.

Let present feed the future

And bury the past.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~