I’ve Tripped And Fallen

I’ve tripped and fallen,

Arose battered, cut and bruised

Yet I’m undeterred.

Life is not always painless

Nor always terribly kind.

Instinct says to run,

To hide from that which injures

Becoming recluse.

I refuse to run or to hide,

Cowering in human fear;

Preferring instead

To face my future head on

Whatever may come.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Am Not A Wise Man

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I am not a wise man,

Questions–I have so many,

A seeker am I.

No–this is not a complaint.

My path is profoundly worn,

Worn by ancestors

All belonging to my tribe,

My brother humans.

Neither the first nor the last;

Others will travel this road

Leaving blood and sweat

As markers of their journey…

Of this I am sure.

I take solace in this fact

That I’ve not ventured alone.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


How Odd It Is At This Ponderous Time (Sonnet)

How odd it is at this ponderous time

The bridge we cross ‘tween joy and sorrow.

Meant to share in Christmas rhyme

Instead we fret about tomorrow.

Is not this day of bread and drink,

Of Christ and gifts and family and friends,

To mean much more than what we think,

Yet still we stifle good will towards men.

We forgo a day to celebrate in joy,

As many can give no more than tears.

Another year their dreams destroyed;

They should not suffer torment and fears.

Amongst the presents and lights and bows

Be certain the kindness of Christmas does show.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Sentimentality And Longing

Sentimentality and longing–drowning

In a sea of what was.

Knowing that one can never go back

To childhood,

To before grandma died,

Before the loss of grandpa,

Before any of the idiotic decisions we make

During the folly of our youth and beyond.

The impossibility of this is obvious;

Time only marches forward,

Steady and resolute in its determination.

Leaving us, if we choose to stay,

in the dust and cobwebs of our past.

One must ask, “To what end?”

To be passed…

By opportunities for love,

The love of family,

All the good that life has to offer.

A life of misery,

A life of hoping for what was,

What can never be,

This is the fate of so many.

Living in sorrow, void of hope,

Void of happiness,

Drowning–in sentimentality and longing.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Past, Present, Future

What a weighty beast this animal regret,

Overshadowing the contemporary with antiquity,

For what purpose but to depress.

This concept of past, present, future inequity.

Each fleeting second paints our past,

Never ending, unavoidable, unchangeable

Causing distress and unhappiness if permitted.

Future bears no less weight,

Harboring angst in it’s face…unknown.

To what end, fear, hesitance, isolation.

No one can foretell what challenges lay ahead,

Destiny is what it will be,

Beyond mortal knowledge and control.

Remaining is present, here and now.

Over this deviant only, do we have influence,

Choice…free will, holds dominant sway.

Present is ours to sculpt into a masterpiece;

Then, in an unfathomable moment it fades into past

Never to be relived, redone, reconsidered.

Energies expended on present are well spent,

Are obtainable, conceivable, justifiable.

Past and future serve only to bleed us;

Sapping mind, body and spirit.

Let present feed the future

And bury the past.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~