I Am Not A Wise Man

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I am not a wise man,

Questions–I have so many,

A seeker am I.

No–this is not a complaint.

My path is profoundly worn,

Worn by ancestors

All belonging to my tribe,

My brother humans.

Neither the first nor the last;

Others will travel this road

Leaving blood and sweat

As markers of their journey…

Of this I am sure.

I take solace in this fact

That I’ve not ventured alone.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


10 thoughts on “I Am Not A Wise Man

  1. Great theme. I won´t say great poem since you already know it and don´t want to repeat myself, by the way you should write some bad poetry from time to time…..

    I remember hearing some great man who his name just escaped my mind but had achieved quite a lot of success in his life( at least materialistic success) that ” he thanked every day for his stupidity and ignorance” seems it pushed him every day to seek new things, learn new things, push himself to learn and master those new things and after he mastered them,then more new things where out there to seek and learn. Always learning always improving oneself.

    • And that is a great way to live…in gratitude for everything we have. Anyway I appreciate the nice compliment, believe me I do write some real crap sometimes, hopefully not much of it gets posted, but I’m sure that sometimes it gets through.

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