To Dream – Haiku

By D. R. DiFrancesco

I drift amongst clouds
A dreamer from my birth
Always seeking truth


The hourglass turned
Sand falls slowly in rhythm
Imagine times pass


What lies in the mind
Mysterious and joyful
A wonder of life

A Dark Trip

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Sour feelings troubling and deep,

Twisting emotions dark hidden,

I know not where these notions I keep,

They come, they consume the life I’m living.

To try and break the hold, the strangle,

Fruitless and wearying as I revolt the demon,

Senses and emotions left bloody and mangled,

Begging sleep to lead solemn dreaming.

For this I hope the obsidian cloud rises,

Paving way for spirit lifted,

Lock away my despondent guises,

To be thankful for all that I have been gifted.

Their Call to Arms

By D. R. DiFrancesco

In irony and ignorance you call for war,
This, your answer to everything,
The conflicts we are in, we ask you what for,
While young men and women are daily dying.

For better or worse you are angrily passing,
Giving hope to those of us left behind,
You claw and you scratch with teeth you are gnashing,
Leaving bones and a legacy time will grind.

Our world is changing, but you refuse to see,
Guns and bombs are not the resolution,
Compassion and dialogue, the answer must be,
Death and destruction are not the solution.

To this you cry weak and unpatriotic,
You betray the American way,
These musings you suffer are scrambled and psychotic,
Traitorous if we don’t obey.

Your incessant call to arms is antiquated and outdated,
Straining relations, feeding global hatred,
The logic of your arguments are often debated,
Among those who hold the value of life sacred.

Your visions and violence are in the minority,
Still you cling to your dictatorial views,
The lambs they follow your odious seniority,
Instead of exercising their right to choose.

Would not diplomacy and friendship be a better choice,
Offering guidance and respect instead of demands,
Band together with one mind and a united voice,
Lending credence to cooler heads and calmer hands.

Lost Love – Haiku

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Why trust eludes you
A question posed out of love
Left long unanswered


Cascading feelings
Trampled and suppressed by fate
Left out to decay


Destitute and dead
Abandoned like so much trash
Thrown to the four winds

A Tragedy Hits Home

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Crass and cranky,
Scarcely a kind word to anyone,
Including himself,

Bitter and hateful,
Blaming everyone for his shortcomings,
Except for himself,

The family,
The job,
Restraining him from achieving success.

Never without a glass,
Always a glass of amber in hand,
Served to enhance his misery.

Another drink,
“I’ll have just one more”, he would say,
The one we called Jekyll and Hyde.

The children loved him,
But children didn’t like him,
Too scared and too young to confront.

A wife living for better or worse,,
Traumatized into silence,
Who would he be when he came home at night?

A frustrated virtuoso,
Sculpture, oils, watercolors, pastels,
So much talent needlessly thrown away.

On a stormy day all was lost,
His family, his art and his life,
Sadness in a bottle his solitary friend.

Did the Lord,
Or did his demons call him home,
A mystery until we join our maker,

Destructive and demoralizing,
Living under bourbons shadow,
Souls touched that will never be healed.

Beauty of Autumn – Haiku

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Winters icy chill,

Leaves frost on tender branches,

Bidding fall goodnight.


The wane of summer,

Ignites a rush of color,

Solace to the eyes.


Howl of autumn wind,

A cyclone of rainbow leaves,

Falls softly to earth.

Mortality of Man

By: D. R. DiFrancesco

On bended knee,
Bloodied and bruised,
I prayed for forgiveness,,
Hoping for nothing else to lose.

This was not to be,
With tears and head bowed,
Reciting the mantras learned as a child,
A blessing on me I hoped you’d endow.

Having spewn blasphemous epithets,
Having thought impure thoughts,
I was not worthy,
I could not receive the mercy I sought.

A victim to the sins of Adam,
Consumed by the treachery of Eve,
Am I doomed to the frailty of my being,
“Oh no!” I am told if only I believe.

So to what fate is my soul condemned,
To Satan’s dominion or Heaven’s charity,
This is a question of faith,
To ask of God for greater clarity.

We question life’s lessons and failures,
Yet in these, may reside the answers we seek,
As they say, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”,
Quelling what is mortally weak.

Does a God exists, for this I am hopeful,
For if not then this is all for naught,
There’s no comfort in nothing, if you’re gone you’re gone,
Pray for veracity in what we were taught.

Love #2 – Haiku

By D. R. DiFrancesco


That come-hither look,

The smile, the hush in your voice,

Sends chills up my spine.


The rapiers blade,

Stings less than love forsaken,

On a starless night.


Arrival of spring,,

Emboldens a passive heart,

Wakening young love.

Beautiful poem, I was touched by it. Thank you.

Kyla ~ A 'Mindfield' of Truth From Perception

Broken heart

Broken spirit

Don’t try again…

You won’t get near



I gave you my love

I gave you my trust

You turned around

And forced on your


Day and night

You’ve caused the tears

That in the end

Will shorten our years.


I’ve tried to please


It was never enough

Do you feel like a


Did it make you feel



Scattered mind

Torn apart soul

I’ve had enough

I’ve paid your toll…

Copyright ©1993

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