A Wise Man I’m Not

A wise man I’m not

I’m foolish and foolhardy

When least opportune

This is my mortal nature

That even booksmarts can’t cure

It isn’t so bad–

Really what else do I have

I am who I am

Perfect in spite of the faults

Endowed by my Creator

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

What Does Heaven Know Of My Dreams

What does Heaven know of my dreams?

Maybe nothing, maybe everything,

In its silence I believe lies wisdom and strength.

Our mortal senses confuse that which is beyond physical,

Trusting nothing which we can not see.

This betrays the spirit of man.

Something far bigger than myself is my guide,

Calling me to greatness when I’m willing to listen.

In the quiet of meditation I can hear the inner voice,

Mine or God’s I do not know;

Perhaps we are one and the same.

I pray this will be revealed when I return to my origin,

The being of spirit that I was before my mortal birth.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Mortality of Man

By: D. R. DiFrancesco

On bended knee,
Bloodied and bruised,
I prayed for forgiveness,,
Hoping for nothing else to lose.

This was not to be,
With tears and head bowed,
Reciting the mantras learned as a child,
A blessing on me I hoped you’d endow.

Having spewn blasphemous epithets,
Having thought impure thoughts,
I was not worthy,
I could not receive the mercy I sought.

A victim to the sins of Adam,
Consumed by the treachery of Eve,
Am I doomed to the frailty of my being,
“Oh no!” I am told if only I believe.

So to what fate is my soul condemned,
To Satan’s dominion or Heaven’s charity,
This is a question of faith,
To ask of God for greater clarity.

We question life’s lessons and failures,
Yet in these, may reside the answers we seek,
As they say, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”,
Quelling what is mortally weak.

Does a God exists, for this I am hopeful,
For if not then this is all for naught,
There’s no comfort in nothing, if you’re gone you’re gone,
Pray for veracity in what we were taught.

For the Love of Money (A Poem)

Do we know what heavens lie
Beyond those which we create for ourselves
Toiling to caress all that mortal wealth can acquire
Pushing aside that which is more precious.

Forage on with meaningless tasks if you must
Avoiding those to be held so dear
Putting distance between you and your loving child
For fortune and fame so fleeting.

You treasure that which lasts so briefly
Misguided steps divert your moral path
Placing that which is corporeal above what is sacred
Leaving family and friendships to suffer and drown.

Set opulence and copiousness in their proper place
Share abundance with those living in stark scarcity
Rekindle your union to spouse and child
For nothing in this world can be taken with you.