Killing With Kindness

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Killing with kindness

Not the preference of some

Bombs are more deadly


Why promote diplomacy

When weapons of war exist

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~




This country

Spiraling down

Grand Experiment

Being stretched very thin

Perhaps it has run its course

Government is broken

Diplomacy dead

General angst

Future bleak

What next



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


O’ Blessed Silence How I Long For Thee (Sonnet)

O’ blessed silence, how I long for thee,

Surrounded by ignorance and fools.

Blind to reality by refusing to see,

They’re being used as propagandist tools.


Is not an informed citizenry a wonderful thing,

With fact-based opinions at their core.

Sadly lost to the masses, they grasp for a ring,

Tarnished from a time long before.


It seems compassion’s lost to the hearts of fellow-men,

Leaving them cold with the worst traits thought past.

Rigid and hateful and unwilling to bend,

Claiming piety with iron-fist holding fast.


The softening of hearts would surely serve us well while still questioning those that lead us.

A sacred obligation as our founders did tell with diplomacy and respect to discuss.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


A Ship Gone Adrift

What little I have,

What little hope I hold out,

I hold out for you my brothers and sisters,

As this ponderous ship lumbers on.

Burdened with the heavy load of it’s own pomposity,

It lists port and starboard under it’s shifting cargo,

Tacking to-and-fro to navigate to calmer waters.

Captain and crew befuddled by the turbulent course,

Confused, cries of “Mutiny!” wring out from the deck,

Their cries fall on deaf ears.

On course for the eye of the storm,

The captain, in his pigheadedness refuses to yield,

Refuses to see the oncoming torrent,

Refuses to change course,

If not for him, but the sake of his crew.

Equally obstinate,

The crew abandons ship with nary a word,

Cowardly defecting to save face,

Leaving captain and cargo,

Feral and adrift to meet their fate.

For a ship untended…

Seldom reaches the safety of port


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Their Call to Arms

By D. R. DiFrancesco

In irony and ignorance you call for war,
This, your answer to everything,
The conflicts we are in, we ask you what for,
While young men and women are daily dying.

For better or worse you are angrily passing,
Giving hope to those of us left behind,
You claw and you scratch with teeth you are gnashing,
Leaving bones and a legacy time will grind.

Our world is changing, but you refuse to see,
Guns and bombs are not the resolution,
Compassion and dialogue, the answer must be,
Death and destruction are not the solution.

To this you cry weak and unpatriotic,
You betray the American way,
These musings you suffer are scrambled and psychotic,
Traitorous if we don’t obey.

Your incessant call to arms is antiquated and outdated,
Straining relations, feeding global hatred,
The logic of your arguments are often debated,
Among those who hold the value of life sacred.

Your visions and violence are in the minority,
Still you cling to your dictatorial views,
The lambs they follow your odious seniority,
Instead of exercising their right to choose.

Would not diplomacy and friendship be a better choice,
Offering guidance and respect instead of demands,
Band together with one mind and a united voice,
Lending credence to cooler heads and calmer hands.