Waters Grow Cold

Waters grow cold

As the summer sun sets.

A new season,

With holidays to warm the heart

Blossom amongst winters frost.

We give thanks

With family and friends gathered

Round our cosy tables.

An American tradition,

Too oft’ overshadowed by Christ’s Day

And corporations lust for profits.

We have bastardized all that is good

For Black Friday and our lust for deals.

Step back…is this what is important,

Are bargains and materialism

What Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about?

Look to the past,

Families enjoying the simple things

Like companionship and familial love.

This is what these holidays are about

These are what we are about.

It is not about gifts,

It is not about things,

It is about friends,



It is about our love for Christ and our fellow man.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

NOTE: I realize that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are over, but I still think this piece applies to the entire holiday season.

Joy and Glad Tidings

Joy and glad tidings

Hallmarks of this gleeful time

Lost by so many

Those without means, abandoned

Are left to suffer alone

No tree, gifts or warmth

Is afforded to these souls

They’re invisible

Perhaps the Christmas spirit

Was meant as a reminder

That giving is more

Than gifts to friends and family

It’s to all mankind


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Number Thirteen

The number thirteen,

Coincidence or karma

Falling on Friday.

Inspiration for slashers

Needing to wear hockey masks.

Then wouldn’t you know

Valentine’s Day would follow.

Now that’s frightening!

What if I got the wrong gift?

She could kill me in my sleep.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Lighted Trees, Presents (Senryu)

Embed from Getty Images

Lighted trees, presents

Meaning lost on the season


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Ravenously You Look Upon This World

Ravenously you look upon this world as a pirates chest,

Waiting to be plundered and pillaged.

Do you not see wrong in this?

The spoils are not for the powerful.

In fact–they are not spoils at all,

But gifts given for our momentary use!

These “things” we so desperately seek,

They are but tokens…nothing,

Objects of desire that cannot save us,

I am quite certain of this.

These lands in which we stake our flags,

The waters which we claim as ours,

The air with which we do as we please,

Polluting, damming, acid rain, smog,

Thieving, eminent domain,

None of this is ours to possess!

We do not hold dominion over this world,

By doing so we destroy these gifts.

We war in the name of possession;

Subjugating others for profit,

Excluding those that we deem unfit.

Who made us king, master, dictator?

Some may say God,

That He made us lord over his creation,

But I disagree.

Did God grant Adam and Eve property rights,

Ownership of His design for them to do with as they pleased,

Did He sanction the hoarding of food, water or any other means of sustenance,

Or did His plan instruct them to take just what they need?

Since He would provide all that was required, greed and gluttony should have been unthinkable,

Yet we managed to bastardize His plan.

We overindulge in sustenance and material things,

Collecting property as if it was ours to keep,

Threatening to slaughter those that trespass.

Taking all that exists in this world to share and claiming it as our own.

Cultures considered less civilized than ours still exist,

They don’t need a mortgage for the ground on which they sleep,

They don’t feel the need to claim possession of the air which they breath,

Nor feel the need to control the waters,

They just live,

Taking no more than they can carry,

Leaving no trace behind.

Is there not elegance in their simplicity?

We lost our way eons ago,

Our path overgrown with weeds.

Still there is hope,

Though unlikely in my lifetime,

That we may once again trample a path

Back to our divine design.

Living simply,

Trusting that there is enough for everyone,

Sharing with those in need;

Unrealistic perhaps,

But this is my dream.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

How Odd It Is At This Ponderous Time (Sonnet)

How odd it is at this ponderous time

The bridge we cross ‘tween joy and sorrow.

Meant to share in Christmas rhyme

Instead we fret about tomorrow.

Is not this day of bread and drink,

Of Christ and gifts and family and friends,

To mean much more than what we think,

Yet still we stifle good will towards men.

We forgo a day to celebrate in joy,

As many can give no more than tears.

Another year their dreams destroyed;

They should not suffer torment and fears.

Amongst the presents and lights and bows

Be certain the kindness of Christmas does show.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The Question

I was once asked,

“When death stares you in the face what will you say?”

I pondered and sighed and smiled a smile I could not erase.

Thank you…

That was my answer,

Thank you for my life,

It has been full.

Thank you for my wife,

My lover,

My partner,

My children,

Thank you for every sunrise,

Every sunset,

Every shooting star in the heavens,

Thank you for all the love,

The sadness,

The joys,

The pain,

I couldn’t have gotten on without you.

These are but a simple few of all for which I’d give thanks.

Of all that I am thankful for, I am most thankful for time,

Not for how much or how little,

But thank you for the time that I had in this beautiful tortured world,

Amongst those I love,

And those that loved me.

For these I am most thankful.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Christmas Past


By D. R. DiFrancesco


Tree lined streets draped in white lights

Shine like so many stars in the heavens

Shop windows with edges frosted

Frame the season in all it’s glory


Boys, with their noses pressed to the glass

Breath leaving an innocent fog obscuring their vision

Electric trains guarded by toy soldiers

Smiling wide eyed observers left speechless with anticipation


Little girls drawn to sparkling blue eyes of dolls that cry Mama

Bathing them in hugs and kisses

Joy of the holiday blushing their cheeks

The sweet innocence of the child


Santa Clause greets his loyal believers with a knowing grin

Rosy red cheeks and a beard of snow his calling card

Ho Ho Ho echos above the noise of the crowd

Signaling the approach of Christmas day.


Sidewalks filled with holiday shoppers

The joyous sound of carolers fills the frosty air

Good cheer is the calling of the day

Were it only that these feelings would last throughout the year


Reminiscing on past Christmas’ brings such happiness

With simpler times came fewer expectations

The latest toy or game was less important

Instead family, friends and the true meaning of Christmas became the greatest gifts of all

The Gift

credit - fanpop.com

credit – fanpop.com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


In this most festive time of year,

Let us not forget amongst our Christmas cheer,

In whom the honor of this day be blessed,

Exalted on High above all the rest.


Every year at this time we tend to get lost,

Spending more than we have at almost any cost,

For fear we’ll disappoint the ones that we love,

Most surely we wouldn’t, petty things they’re above.


This is not why the Lord brought his Son to this earth,

He is the gift in Christmas that was given at birth,

Nothing in this world to Him could compare,

With the sacrifice of Christ that God wholly did share.


Our boxes and bows are mere trinkets to Him,

Valueless in comparison might I go out on a limb,

Tinsel and garland are beautiful it is true,

Lights of white, yellow, red, green orange and blue.


These are not what Christmas time is about,

Not the trees, decorations, or the gifts that you tout,

Its about love and charity done all the year through,

Kindness shown unto others in all that we do.


Its being thankful for Christ as we live out His word,

For benevolence though silent can still be powerfully heard,

This may be the greatest gift that as mortals we can give,

A gift we may freely offer for as long as we live.


So enjoy your Christmas trees and your twinkling lights,

Just remember our Lord and His Bethlehem night,

For His gift that He gave so many years ago,

Is the only one we need through joyful song we do show.


Draw nearer to you all your family and friends,

Shouting praises and prayer up to heaven you send,

We celebrate your birth baby Jesus whom we hold oh so dear,

May we embody the Christmas spirit all through the year.