The Christmas Light Slowly Dims

The Christmas light slowly dims

     As joy’s illusions fade

Back to a world cold and grim

     A fond goodnight it bade

Try as I might to keep the spirit

     Darkness bolts the door

Come Holy Night each year I fear it

     My psyches ghostly whore

This sadness black torments my soul

     On every Christmas eve

I beg for mercy God fill this hole

     So my heart no longer grieves


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Christmas Past


By D. R. DiFrancesco


Tree lined streets draped in white lights

Shine like so many stars in the heavens

Shop windows with edges frosted

Frame the season in all it’s glory


Boys, with their noses pressed to the glass

Breath leaving an innocent fog obscuring their vision

Electric trains guarded by toy soldiers

Smiling wide eyed observers left speechless with anticipation


Little girls drawn to sparkling blue eyes of dolls that cry Mama

Bathing them in hugs and kisses

Joy of the holiday blushing their cheeks

The sweet innocence of the child


Santa Clause greets his loyal believers with a knowing grin

Rosy red cheeks and a beard of snow his calling card

Ho Ho Ho echos above the noise of the crowd

Signaling the approach of Christmas day.


Sidewalks filled with holiday shoppers

The joyous sound of carolers fills the frosty air

Good cheer is the calling of the day

Were it only that these feelings would last throughout the year


Reminiscing on past Christmas’ brings such happiness

With simpler times came fewer expectations

The latest toy or game was less important

Instead family, friends and the true meaning of Christmas became the greatest gifts of all

The Giving of Thanks Lost

Black Friday crowds

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Our focus lost to door busters

Glossy color ads alluring as crack

A day of thanks reduced to dreams of Black Friday conquest

How sad it is to see culture sacrificed

Left in the ruin of materialism

Family and friends the means to an end

A holiday of joy and reflection

Reduced to nothing more than a chore

Is this what it means to give thanks

To revel in the company of loved ones

We have forgotten ourselves

What we are, why we are, who we are

Money has replaced our morality

Something to be worshiped and treasured

With something to be kept in a bank or a box

This cannot be our destiny

To lose our souls to that which is finite

What sorrow this brings

To watch what was once incorruptible

Held hostage to mere mortal desires for gratification

Pray we find the path redrawn by our moral compass

Rekindling the joy cherished by those that came before.