Knowing Right And Wrong (Tanka)

Knowing right and wrong

We blame it on upbringing

Wooden switch draws blood

He’s just a child of four

How terrible could he be


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Theater Of Life

Naked and raw
Blasting from the womb like a seedling from its pod
Screaming for the first breath
So begins the amazing campaign
A politician elected to life.

Born out of love or lust
The aftermath which is indistinguishable
Unquenchable contest for sustenance
To triumph is all that is known
Primal urges the impetus to persist.

Adolescence brings arrogance
As maturity is sluggish to prevail over unrefined emotion
Enmity and dispute become commonplace
Tightening the reins like those of an untamed mustang
Welcome, right of passage.

Time quells obstinacy
While Respect replaces contempt
Competition for dominance is no longer primary
Instead wisdom is honored rather than detested
Seeing in age what we hope to become.

Understanding seems second nature
Now seen through the eyes of the aged
What once so obscure, is now clear as crystal
Modeled in the image of those that came before
To live in us as both a blessing and curse.

Son becomes father, daughter becomes mother
The circle enclosed as adolescent morphs into elder
Kindred souls flow like a river never-ceasing
Reproducing life through life’s rushing waters
Simply actors are we in this great play.

Leaving behind those we’ve reared
Progeny that embody what is transcendent
Nature and happenstance will dictate their course
While predecessors move on to nights last voyage
Rhythmically repeating the cycle of life.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Author’s Note: This was the very first poem that I posted on WordPress back on June 30, 2012.  I haven’t read this poem in a very long time and fortunately I still like it.  I thought it might be nice to sprinkle a few pieces into the mix that many of you may not have seen.  I hope that you like them.  Thank you all for the long time support that you have shown me, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Is Being “Father” Enough

Is being “Father” enough?

Looking into the face of the son, I’m not sure who I see;

Some of me, some of his mother,

But these are just physical traits.

He has lived a life far different from my own,

Seen and done things that I have never seen or done

Lived the horrors of war,

Witnessed the worst of mankind,

Traveled through the world with a bullseye on his back.

How could this not demand change,

A change that I will never understand?

Me…I’ve sat in my easy chair;

Warm, dry, safe,

Worrying for his safety,

Praying for him to come home.

I read the ticker at the bottom of the screen

Announcing without emotion those that would not return;

Thankful for the call that never came.

Is being “Father” enough?

I cannot alter what was,

Cannot erase what he has seen,

Cannot live his life.

We seem to have less in common these days,

Though I am certain that this is more my problem than his.

Is being “Father” enough?

I suppose that it will have to be.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Of Marriage Equality

This incessant fighting,

Selective equality,

Blatant discrimination,

Is this what America is about?


Answer!, Those of you waving the constitution in our faces!

You cannot pick and choose when to hold it in high esteem,

You cannot pick and choose when and what to disregard.


You say marriage equality is evil,

You say you are defending the children,

It will destroy conventional marriage,

Destroy the family.


Nay I say!

The demise of the two parent family occurred long ago,

Half consumed by the flames of divorce.

I ask you, is not love of greater importance?


Gay my friends, is not a disease,

It is not contagious,

It is not some choice made on a whim,

It is not a choice at all, but determined at birth.


You heathens hide behind your religion,

You hide behind the robes of your God

So that you can carry on your campaign of bigotry feeling justified,

Distorting the word you so deeply cherish

To the detriment of your fellow man.


Oh, but how funny it is!

How opinions change when they enter your life,

When they are your sons and daughters,

When they are your friends or next of kin.

Suddenly the world seems so much clearer

And that which you have taken exception to seems to disappear.


Raise your voices dear friends!

Stand with your brothers and sisters,

Stand with your sons and daughters,

Stand with those having little voice.

We must be one if we are to be a great nation,

United…Equal…and Free!


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Family Honor

Two star struck lovers bequeathed to the night,

Passion, deceit for to hide out of sight.

She…questionable virtue…from the wrong side of the tracks,

Parental displeasure of refinement she lacks.

Refinement nor virtue does fail to impart,

For love…it does blind in matters of the heart.

Inconsolable his father takes matters to hand,

This tryst must dissolve on this he demands.

Honor of family trumps sanctity of life,

She must be parlayed before he takes her his wife.

So twisted was his mind he could scarcely think clear,

The evil he did plot against his son held so dear.

Blackness in his heart…the tramp won’t be missed,

When…how…on the table pound his fist!

Finally he takes her, it matters not from where,

Kicking and screaming he has her by the hair.

Raging and seething to the lake they did go,

Softness of ground, so much easier to sow.

She fought for her life, to the end no avail,

Fate she did meet by his father…did impale.

Twisted face…drove the father to remorse,

For the good of the family, I must stay the course.

Sweat pouring down, the hole he did dig,

Shovel like a flash moving dirt, leaf and twig.

Body limp and lifeless, a dirty silent face,

Angelic in its beauty he laid her into place.

What have I done as each shovel flew,

Too late it was now there is nothing more to do.

Vial task now complete, heavy heart he did carry,

Back to his home…no one more the wary.

Son perplexed by absence, he couldn’t help but worry,

Where might she have gone, without trace, in a hurry.

For days upon end decline did his mood,

Nary desire for sleep, for water or for food.

His father stood watch as his son’s life did languish,

Conscience torn asunder he succumbed to his anguish.

Little time did it take for the boys light to fade,

Result of the father’s despondent bed that he made.

He buried his boy not long after this,

Family collapsed he was so sorely missed.

The father, for all his attempts to defend,

Suffered his sin, one he could never mend.

He passed like his son fairly soon thereafter,

Life spun out of control an irreparable disaster.

Hell most surely laid out it’s red carpet for him,

The Devil delighting in this most thoughtless of whims.

For all his grandiose and pompous plans he did draw,

He lost his family, his son, his life and beautiful daughter-in-law.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Gift

credit -

credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


In this most festive time of year,

Let us not forget amongst our Christmas cheer,

In whom the honor of this day be blessed,

Exalted on High above all the rest.


Every year at this time we tend to get lost,

Spending more than we have at almost any cost,

For fear we’ll disappoint the ones that we love,

Most surely we wouldn’t, petty things they’re above.


This is not why the Lord brought his Son to this earth,

He is the gift in Christmas that was given at birth,

Nothing in this world to Him could compare,

With the sacrifice of Christ that God wholly did share.


Our boxes and bows are mere trinkets to Him,

Valueless in comparison might I go out on a limb,

Tinsel and garland are beautiful it is true,

Lights of white, yellow, red, green orange and blue.


These are not what Christmas time is about,

Not the trees, decorations, or the gifts that you tout,

Its about love and charity done all the year through,

Kindness shown unto others in all that we do.


Its being thankful for Christ as we live out His word,

For benevolence though silent can still be powerfully heard,

This may be the greatest gift that as mortals we can give,

A gift we may freely offer for as long as we live.


So enjoy your Christmas trees and your twinkling lights,

Just remember our Lord and His Bethlehem night,

For His gift that He gave so many years ago,

Is the only one we need through joyful song we do show.


Draw nearer to you all your family and friends,

Shouting praises and prayer up to heaven you send,

We celebrate your birth baby Jesus whom we hold oh so dear,

May we embody the Christmas spirit all through the year.