On This Somber Day

On this somber day

Where allied blood once ran free;

I am reflective.

Wondering…what it was like

Staring down death and bullet.

Alone, but not so,

Brothers shoulder to shoulder

On that distant shore.

Seventy years on it lives

In those few that still remain.

You can see their pride,

You can see their welling tears

As if yesterday.

Thinking about friends they’d lost

As the price for our freedom.

Remember their dead.

Many scarcely got to live;

Few had said goodbye,

None had regretted the cause

That changed world history.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Yet Another Name

Yet another name

Etched in the blackest granite

Written with their blood

We are called to remember

Each and every spring–in May

Recognizing them

Honoring their families

Their sacrifices

A debt we can not repay

Except with our hearts and minds

Thank you

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Beg Of Heaven – A Villanelle

I beg of heaven for light of day

For night fills dreams of you with fear

On bended knee in tears I pray


What can I do, what dare I say

To break this darkness with love and cheer

I beg of heaven for light of day


This deep despair I keep at bay

In hopes you’ll return my cherished dear

On bended knee in tears I pray


I never would your heart betray

My passion felt I have made so clear

I beg of heaven for light of day


Were I to change would then you stay

Anything I’d do to mend heartbreak severe

On bended knee in tears I pray


To you, I promise to never stray

Your honor I’ll guard and never besmear

I beg of heaven for light of day

On bended knee in tears I pray

~~~~~~~~~~~ // ~~~~~~~~~~~

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

** I thought I would give a new style a try.  The Villanelle is in the form of A1 B A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2.  It is very structured, but was interesting to write.  I would appreciate any feedback you may wish to provide.  Thanks.

We Must Never Forget – A Tanka

Image Credit: theimagearsenal.com

Image Credit: theimagearsenal.com

These flag draped coffins

Returning from distant wars

We must not forget

Whether cause be right or wrong

They’re our brothers and sisters


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Image Credit: nightcaptv.com

Image Credit: nightcaptv.com

Beautiful rose,

Tender and precious your petals

Blossoming with virtues to be envied

Instilled with virtues to be adored

The embodiment of your mother

Like her mother before her in perpetuity

Gentle at heart

Stronger than her counterpart

At times, sharp as a thorn

Drawing blood when crossed

Passionate and compassionate in the same breath

Nurturing by nature

Disciplinarian, teacher, spouse

Professor, professional, physician

Soldier, pilot, Captain

Intellectual, politician, leader

Fighting for equality to this modern day

Taken for granted by others

Unafraid in the face of adversity

Birther to all mankind

To be honored not once a year but daily

You are the treasure…

You are Woman


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Family Honor

Two star struck lovers bequeathed to the night,

Passion, deceit for to hide out of sight.

She…questionable virtue…from the wrong side of the tracks,

Parental displeasure of refinement she lacks.

Refinement nor virtue does fail to impart,

For love…it does blind in matters of the heart.

Inconsolable his father takes matters to hand,

This tryst must dissolve on this he demands.

Honor of family trumps sanctity of life,

She must be parlayed before he takes her his wife.

So twisted was his mind he could scarcely think clear,

The evil he did plot against his son held so dear.

Blackness in his heart…the tramp won’t be missed,

When…how…on the table pound his fist!

Finally he takes her, it matters not from where,

Kicking and screaming he has her by the hair.

Raging and seething to the lake they did go,

Softness of ground, so much easier to sow.

She fought for her life, to the end no avail,

Fate she did meet by his father…did impale.

Twisted face…drove the father to remorse,

For the good of the family, I must stay the course.

Sweat pouring down, the hole he did dig,

Shovel like a flash moving dirt, leaf and twig.

Body limp and lifeless, a dirty silent face,

Angelic in its beauty he laid her into place.

What have I done as each shovel flew,

Too late it was now there is nothing more to do.

Vial task now complete, heavy heart he did carry,

Back to his home…no one more the wary.

Son perplexed by absence, he couldn’t help but worry,

Where might she have gone, without trace, in a hurry.

For days upon end decline did his mood,

Nary desire for sleep, for water or for food.

His father stood watch as his son’s life did languish,

Conscience torn asunder he succumbed to his anguish.

Little time did it take for the boys light to fade,

Result of the father’s despondent bed that he made.

He buried his boy not long after this,

Family collapsed he was so sorely missed.

The father, for all his attempts to defend,

Suffered his sin, one he could never mend.

He passed like his son fairly soon thereafter,

Life spun out of control an irreparable disaster.

Hell most surely laid out it’s red carpet for him,

The Devil delighting in this most thoughtless of whims.

For all his grandiose and pompous plans he did draw,

He lost his family, his son, his life and beautiful daughter-in-law.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~