In The End

Gather up what to you belongs

It serves no purpose once you’re gone

A lifetime spent in hordish gather

In the end what does it matter

We collect and prize our worldly wares

Empty handed we climb the stairs

Meaningless in the grand scheme of things

To claw and scratch for golden ring

This buys you nothing in the end

How sad to see this is the trend

He who has the most stuff losses

If this path the fool doth chooses

Instead look upon your fellow man

Offer them an outstretched hand

For one and all we are the same

In this life a finite game

More wealth derived from acts of kindness

Than all that’s earthly left behind us

Believe or not this must be true

As I strive in all I do

Though I sometimes stumble and often fail

I choose to believe this sober tale


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~