Waters Grow Cold

Waters grow cold

As the summer sun sets.

A new season,

With holidays to warm the heart

Blossom amongst winters frost.

We give thanks

With family and friends gathered

Round our cosy tables.

An American tradition,

Too oft’ overshadowed by Christ’s Day

And corporations lust for profits.

We have bastardized all that is good

For Black Friday and our lust for deals.

Step back…is this what is important,

Are bargains and materialism

What Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about?

Look to the past,

Families enjoying the simple things

Like companionship and familial love.

This is what these holidays are about

These are what we are about.

It is not about gifts,

It is not about things,

It is about friends,



It is about our love for Christ and our fellow man.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

NOTE: I realize that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are over, but I still think this piece applies to the entire holiday season.

Must We Acquire

Must we acquire,

Hoarding what we do not need?

This–the western way,

Insatiable avarice

For money and possessions.

What is this sickness?

Is not a roof, bed and food

Enough to appease?

Incessant hunger say no

As we persist to garner.

When the bell does toll

We find this was all for naught;

None of it mattered.

Kindness, love and happiness

Were all we ever needed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


In The End

Gather up what to you belongs

It serves no purpose once you’re gone

A lifetime spent in hordish gather

In the end what does it matter

We collect and prize our worldly wares

Empty handed we climb the stairs

Meaningless in the grand scheme of things

To claw and scratch for golden ring

This buys you nothing in the end

How sad to see this is the trend

He who has the most stuff losses

If this path the fool doth chooses

Instead look upon your fellow man

Offer them an outstretched hand

For one and all we are the same

In this life a finite game

More wealth derived from acts of kindness

Than all that’s earthly left behind us

Believe or not this must be true

As I strive in all I do

Though I sometimes stumble and often fail

I choose to believe this sober tale


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Oh!, envious obsession,

One of seven deadly sins,

Lust for another’s possessions,

Breeds avarice and contempt,

All to what end?

A life of misery,

Constant sadness and dissatisfaction,

Hate, an unquenchable longing,

Reprehensible to a life so succinct,

Cherish the gifts bestowed,

Rejoice in nature,

The heavens,

In family,

For nothing is of greater import,

Earthly possessions are but temporary,

Absconded or lost in passing,

Leaving a desirous heart,

Empty and alone in what lies,

In the hereafter.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Love Eternal

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Love, a sweet and fragile thing,

So often taken for granted,

Or tossed aside as insignificant.


Only a heart blackened,

Burned and broken,

Could commit such a tragedy.


Choosing to pass alone,

Lonely and cold,

Into the eternal night.


Foolish choices,

Made by selfish men,

In the name of earthly gain.


For what purpose,

Material possessions are finite,

Discarded on our last day.


But is not love eternal,

Gifted freely from one to another,

Melding with our very souls.


What a poor man is he,

Confined to his worldly goods,

While silence fills his rooms.


Does not love will us to go on,

Strengthening our resolve,

Even in times of affliction.


If this were this not the case,

I long ago would have ceased,

Suffocated by life’s despair.


Choosing love instead is most natural,

Engraved into our very being,

‘Til death do us part.