Across The Great Pond

Across the great pond

Our brothers in arms struggle

With decision’s pain.

Their new reality looms

On an island all alone.


I don’t envy them,

In this turbulent hour,

The uncertainty

As reality sets in.

Promises can be fiction,


As proponents show

Just a day after.

Perhaps thoughts were not thought through

And the fallout considered.


But now it’s too late,

The ballots have been cast and

The results tallied.

Leaving is the decision

And there is no turning back.


What have you been through,

I would never claim to know.

Your lives are your own

Things are changing, less defined.

Leaving the past…difficult.


This is a big world

Where borders sometimes get blurred

And life chaotic.

None-the-less I wish the best

To our friends in the U.K.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Independence Should Not Be A Question

Independence should not be a question,

It cannot be caged by man made boundaries,

It is the birthright of all men!

As a world we should cheer,

Hold hands in solidarity for those that long for freedom.

Our Scottish brothers and sisters strive for self-rule,

To live their lives of shared history as one nation,

Abandoning the sovereignty of the Crown.

This eve we should pray that their dream comes to fruition,

That they may stand as an independent Scotland

And proudly wave their flag for all the world to behold.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Independence Day, A Day to Remember – (A Poem)

The smell of powder,

Clouds of smoke sting the eyes,

Tearing, trying to see beyond the fence line,

Nauseating odor of sulfur offends the senses.


Blood curdling screams!

Pierce the sound of canon fire,

Tattered flags wave wearily above the shouts,

The cocking of flint locks magnified by thousands,


Deafening explosions,

The buzz of lead fills the air,

Surreal as comrades fall,

The sting of the cold,

Numbs as we move forward.

Snow covered fields no longer virgin,

Crimson corrupts the purity,

Flowing like rivers from the lifeless,

Moans echo through the trees.

Corpses, limbs, appendages litter the plain,

The stench of death!


Time to reload,

Focus or die,

No time for regrets,

This is a cause far greater than ourselves,

Fire! the General’s call

Sabre raised overhead as the stallion rears

He is gone!

His station irrelevant,

War plays no favorites,

Blood flowing warm and freezing,

Staining the newly fallen snow.

We must carry on,

No time to mourn,

Remember why we are here.

Remember how we got to this place.

History, our history,



For the birth of a nation!


Born on the Forth of July!