Across The Great Pond

Across the great pond

Our brothers in arms struggle

With decision’s pain.

Their new reality looms

On an island all alone.


I don’t envy them,

In this turbulent hour,

The uncertainty

As reality sets in.

Promises can be fiction,


As proponents show

Just a day after.

Perhaps thoughts were not thought through

And the fallout considered.


But now it’s too late,

The ballots have been cast and

The results tallied.

Leaving is the decision

And there is no turning back.


What have you been through,

I would never claim to know.

Your lives are your own

Things are changing, less defined.

Leaving the past…difficult.


This is a big world

Where borders sometimes get blurred

And life chaotic.

None-the-less I wish the best

To our friends in the U.K.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

8 thoughts on “Across The Great Pond

  1. Funny how it was marketed as a way to keep foreigners out of their country.. See John Oliver’s video about it on Tonight Last Week…

  2. There are some commentators saying that once they get through the two years of article 50 requirements, that they can do very well for themselves. But I agree, fear of an unknown future is tough enough for an individual. Terrifying for a whole country.

    • I hope that is the case and I hope that those that voted to leave the EU get what was promised them. In the end, I’m confident that things will work out just fine as most things do once you’ve gotten over the uncertainty of the situation. None-the-less, this is truly a life changing event for many people.

    • I’m certain that things will be okay in the end, I just hope that the pain in the meantime is not too bad for you and your fellow countrymen. This really is a huge change that is having a profound affect on the world, but like all things, I’m sure that it will smooth out in time.

  3. I do realize your talking about politics here but you did say something to the effect ” you don´t know what have you been through nor I would never claim to know”, something to that effect, and in my eyes and little brain that is left, I believe that was a great sentence.

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