Independence Should Not Be A Question

Independence should not be a question,

It cannot be caged by man made boundaries,

It is the birthright of all men!

As a world we should cheer,

Hold hands in solidarity for those that long for freedom.

Our Scottish brothers and sisters strive for self-rule,

To live their lives of shared history as one nation,

Abandoning the sovereignty of the Crown.

This eve we should pray that their dream comes to fruition,

That they may stand as an independent Scotland

And proudly wave their flag for all the world to behold.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


12 thoughts on “Independence Should Not Be A Question

    • You are correct, they are a creation of the collective mind-set, however this referendum is quite real and will have lasting consequences no matter which way it goes. Thank you so much for you comment, I appreciate it very much.

  1. Love it! Indeed, independence should not be a question, as if it is an extra benefit. It is in fact essential. I would extend this mindset to many other types of human rights. 😉

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