Snow Falls–Pure

Snow falls–pure, floating silent on the breath of angels,

Soothing the harsh reality of winters abrasive chill.

We long for the newness of spring, but it cannot be;

Buds cannot blossom without the falling of seed.

Though the pain of withering seems eternal, it is, but life–

Reminding us that we will be called back to whence we came,

Back to the earth, back to the soil that nourished us,

Back to its enveloping arms for everlasting rest.

To those that remain, this offers little comfort.

A void is left that no other can fill,

Instead its life is to serve as a constant reminder–

A living testament to those that came before and are no longer here,

Exuding the beauty and goodness inherited through time.

Though their delicate flower, has sacrificed its petals to the wind

And their stems have crumbled to dust;

Their image remains forever embedded in memory,

Never forgotten–often replicated in their honor.

Just as the lowly flower, we are left to serve as reminders,

Reminders of the harshness of our own winter, that takes;

Yet still it welcomes the beauty of spring with open arms.

Though tainted with elements of sadness,

Spring does promise hope, hope in the joy of birth,

Joy in the remembrance of those departed,

Joy in the love shared, the warm kisses on the cheek,

The hugs, the laughter, the kindest of words;

Joy in having had the pleasure of knowing and being known,

Loving and being loved, cherishing and being cherished.

What greater honor is there in this momentary world?

I can think of none, nor would I trade them for another.

With longing and sorrow we say goodbye to one so loved,

Though our separation is as brief as our living.

We will reunite one day beyond this earth

Shedding this body and freeing our spirit as if no time at all had passed.

Placing our souls into the gentle hands of the Creator,

We take comfort that we will be cared for and cherished in Heaven

Just as we were cared for and cherished in life.

Say not farewell, for farewell tenders nothing but sadness and permanence,

“Until we meet again” seems much more apt

Be firm in the knowledge that we will…”meet again”

In a place of beauty amongst those that we have loved,

Never again to be parted.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was asked to speak at my grandmother’s funeral a few days ago and had written a couple of poems that I thought I might read to honor her memory.  This is the one that I did not read, but I hope that you will enjoy it. 

At Midnight’s Stroke (Sonnet)

At midnight’s stroke amongst confetti and champagne

Give thought to those so far from home.

Too many are they in lands we cannot name,

Worn and lonely; resolved to wallow alone.


With joy–a smile and alcohols bright cheer

Our horns like trumpets wail.

Forgetting those who could not be here

Our memories so short they do fail.


Without intention this ailment takes hold

As time our sensitivities does dull.

Our patience and prayers grow tired and old

Succumbing to complacencies lull.


Remember those who sacrifice without batting an eye,

Ensuring the freedoms the rest of us have, as our fireworks light up the sky.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I like to post reminders from time-to-time to give thought to our brave service men and women serving around the world.  These are as much a reminder for me as I hope they are for others who may read this.  Next time you see a member of the armed forces, thank them for their service, this really does mean a great deal to them.

So Much Blood

So much blood on my hands,

Dried, old, not my own, but mine none-the-less.

Brothers and sisters–I have died with you on the battlefield,

My heart cries with each beat for your lose,

For the sacrifices made over our centuries.

Each of your gravestones is etched with my name,

I am your pallbearer, your namesake, your progeny.

I place the flowers on your graves,

Not for your sake alone, but for mine,

How else could I repay you for your kindness,

Thanks alone seem so hollow.

Brothers and sisters–I love you,

You are in my every thought and prayer,

Take comfort that you will never be forgotten.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


In Remembrance

Ye stand erect or lay supine,

Worldly barrier to Heaven or Hell.

In hopes a life you lived sublime,

“Til the gates of pearl cannot we tell.


Simple truth or solemn quote,

With chisel and hammer etched in stone.

A life as full and wholesome promote,

In passing ye set the living tone.


In years to come when pall has passed,

A testament be left to remain.

Symbol of a life lived to outlast,

What flesh and bone cannot sustain.


Though grass may grow to overgrown ,

And the marble be weathered and worn.

For a time to come the living will know,

When you died and when you were born.


In this, ev’n the humble may gain solace,

Great riches nor fame are of import.

Most human of rituals must surely befall us,

Whence this stone stands in tribute and retort.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Independence Day, A Day to Remember – (A Poem)

The smell of powder,

Clouds of smoke sting the eyes,

Tearing, trying to see beyond the fence line,

Nauseating odor of sulfur offends the senses.


Blood curdling screams!

Pierce the sound of canon fire,

Tattered flags wave wearily above the shouts,

The cocking of flint locks magnified by thousands,


Deafening explosions,

The buzz of lead fills the air,

Surreal as comrades fall,

The sting of the cold,

Numbs as we move forward.

Snow covered fields no longer virgin,

Crimson corrupts the purity,

Flowing like rivers from the lifeless,

Moans echo through the trees.

Corpses, limbs, appendages litter the plain,

The stench of death!


Time to reload,

Focus or die,

No time for regrets,

This is a cause far greater than ourselves,

Fire! the General’s call

Sabre raised overhead as the stallion rears

He is gone!

His station irrelevant,

War plays no favorites,

Blood flowing warm and freezing,

Staining the newly fallen snow.

We must carry on,

No time to mourn,

Remember why we are here.

Remember how we got to this place.

History, our history,



For the birth of a nation!


Born on the Forth of July!