A Weathered Key

A weathered key turned in a worn out lock;

Rusty hinges creak as the lid is gingerly raised,

Aged dust drawn as if by vacuum fills the musty air,

Like so many travellers on their worldly journey.

This steamer trunk long forgotten;

Adorned with France, Belgium, Canada, Japan…

Reminders of its travels and the sights it has seen.

Memories of good times,

Memories of some not so good,

Memories of long nights,

Smoke filled taverns,

Exotic women,

Exhilaration in the unknown,

Glorious sunsets,

Distant shores,

Warm breezes,

Tearful goodbyes,

This musty old trunk, like my mind

Covets memories of days-gone-by.

Perhaps they too are weathered and worn,

Adorned with tattered tags of my life’s travels,

And relegated to a dingy attic,

But they are mine and mine alone

To cherish all the days of my life.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


At Midnight’s Stroke (Sonnet)

At midnight’s stroke amongst confetti and champagne

Give thought to those so far from home.

Too many are they in lands we cannot name,

Worn and lonely; resolved to wallow alone.


With joy–a smile and alcohols bright cheer

Our horns like trumpets wail.

Forgetting those who could not be here

Our memories so short they do fail.


Without intention this ailment takes hold

As time our sensitivities does dull.

Our patience and prayers grow tired and old

Succumbing to complacencies lull.


Remember those who sacrifice without batting an eye,

Ensuring the freedoms the rest of us have, as our fireworks light up the sky.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I like to post reminders from time-to-time to give thought to our brave service men and women serving around the world.  These are as much a reminder for me as I hope they are for others who may read this.  Next time you see a member of the armed forces, thank them for their service, this really does mean a great deal to them.