All of the friendships in the world do not change that.

Born alone,

Die alone,

No one else can do either for us,

This is as it’s always been.

Looking to God,

Looking to our family,

We look to others for comfort,

But there is nothing,

Only the comfort we find within.

We fool ourselves thinking otherwise.

Why do we look for solace in acquaintances,

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers;

They cannot travel our journey.

In passing they cannot hold our hands.

This does not mean they do not love us,

Only that they can do nothing,

But wish us well and pray that our journey

Is something greater than a trip to oblivion.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Deeply I Reach Into The Inner Well (Sonnet)

Deeply I reach into the inner well

In search of peace and love.

Picking it up from where it fell

I push it back up with a shove.


Caught up in emotion of circumstance,

Surrounded by sadness and gloom.

Needing to take a more positive stance

Away from feelings of impending doom.


Emotions running far too high,

My health will be paying the price.

If I don’t allow my anxiety to fly

The outcome won’t be so nice.


So time, it has come to put anger away and connect with the spiritual me,

Hoping this time it will come home to stay and at last I’ll be finally free.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Snow Falls–Pure

Snow falls–pure, floating silent on the breath of angels,

Soothing the harsh reality of winters abrasive chill.

We long for the newness of spring, but it cannot be;

Buds cannot blossom without the falling of seed.

Though the pain of withering seems eternal, it is, but life–

Reminding us that we will be called back to whence we came,

Back to the earth, back to the soil that nourished us,

Back to its enveloping arms for everlasting rest.

To those that remain, this offers little comfort.

A void is left that no other can fill,

Instead its life is to serve as a constant reminder–

A living testament to those that came before and are no longer here,

Exuding the beauty and goodness inherited through time.

Though their delicate flower, has sacrificed its petals to the wind

And their stems have crumbled to dust;

Their image remains forever embedded in memory,

Never forgotten–often replicated in their honor.

Just as the lowly flower, we are left to serve as reminders,

Reminders of the harshness of our own winter, that takes;

Yet still it welcomes the beauty of spring with open arms.

Though tainted with elements of sadness,

Spring does promise hope, hope in the joy of birth,

Joy in the remembrance of those departed,

Joy in the love shared, the warm kisses on the cheek,

The hugs, the laughter, the kindest of words;

Joy in having had the pleasure of knowing and being known,

Loving and being loved, cherishing and being cherished.

What greater honor is there in this momentary world?

I can think of none, nor would I trade them for another.

With longing and sorrow we say goodbye to one so loved,

Though our separation is as brief as our living.

We will reunite one day beyond this earth

Shedding this body and freeing our spirit as if no time at all had passed.

Placing our souls into the gentle hands of the Creator,

We take comfort that we will be cared for and cherished in Heaven

Just as we were cared for and cherished in life.

Say not farewell, for farewell tenders nothing but sadness and permanence,

“Until we meet again” seems much more apt

Be firm in the knowledge that we will…”meet again”

In a place of beauty amongst those that we have loved,

Never again to be parted.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was asked to speak at my grandmother’s funeral a few days ago and had written a couple of poems that I thought I might read to honor her memory.  This is the one that I did not read, but I hope that you will enjoy it. 

Sanguine Is This Soul Of Mine

Sanguine is this soul of mine,

Joyous in being, breathing, loving, all that this creation has thrown at me,

Be it pleasant or not I am thankful.

Goodness does not come without pain..this has been my experience.

I am not bitter for the anguish I have endured,

The blood I have tasted on my tongue, the bruises worn in honor,

They have strengthened my resolve,

Enhancing that which brings me solace and jubilation.

You are not alone!

This misery, your father and your father’s father before him withstood,

All for a chance to taste euphoria,

Are these not the jewels for which we spend a lifetime in search?

Dear friend, be not weary or disillusioned;

Beyond this torment is bliss– be it in this world or the next.

We, one and all, are pawns in this game,

One whose end is synonymous,

Whether rich or poor, with the victor being…

The human condition


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


What beauty this world has on offer

The natural and spiritual surrounds us but we do not see

Too busy with the distractions of the material

Simplicity in the song of the bird

The majestic wonder of the mountain

The desolate elegance of the desert

The mystery of God

Lost among our earthly pursuits

With eyes closed and head arched towards heaven

My mind banishes pain, suffering and torment

Solitude seeps into my bones

A sense of peace forgotten floods my subconscious

The smell of wildflowers

The flutter of the hummingbirds wings

The lonesome howl of the coyote

The joy of spiritual oneness

Sights, sounds and smells I have long ignored

I can almost feel the arms of God drawing me close

Tears shed for time wasted dissipate in a divine awakening

Renewal washes over me

The material is no long all consuming

Reborn with a new sense of purpose

Filled with the glory of nature and the solemnity of nirvana

I have once again found solace and peace in this finite life

All through that which had always lay before me

But I could not see