An Old Nemesis

An old nemesis

Fighting against me since youth

Comes again to call,

Trying to snuff my life out

As it’s always wanted to.

Thus far it has lost,

But I am a realist,

One day I will lose

And will have to pay the price…

Until then I choose to live!


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Deeply I Reach Into The Inner Well (Sonnet)

Deeply I reach into the inner well

In search of peace and love.

Picking it up from where it fell

I push it back up with a shove.


Caught up in emotion of circumstance,

Surrounded by sadness and gloom.

Needing to take a more positive stance

Away from feelings of impending doom.


Emotions running far too high,

My health will be paying the price.

If I don’t allow my anxiety to fly

The outcome won’t be so nice.


So time, it has come to put anger away and connect with the spiritual me,

Hoping this time it will come home to stay and at last I’ll be finally free.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Looking Down From The Mountain

Looking down from the mountain

The lush valley below obscured,

Embraced by a sheet of ecru.

Stepping out for a breath of fresh air is a farce.

From below virtually unnoticeable,

Looking up all you can see is blue,

But the lungs know,

The eyes know,

The putrid smell gives it away.

How much more vivid would the sky be;

How much sweeter would the air be

Were it not for this festering cloud.

We are poisoned in the name of progress,

Bleeding the life blood from ourselves and our children.

So to leave the material as our legacy,

All the while destroying what is truly important

…Our planet.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The Vow – A Poem

By D. R. DiFrancesco

I could never find fault in you,
My soul lashed to yours won’t permit it,
Kindness envelopes your heart,
The warm inviting happiness in your smile
Blinds me to what others may see.

In my tribulation you have always been there,
Sickness and health has been no barrier,
My sadness washed away by your tears,
Nothing more could I ask of you,
All I could hope to repay, to return like kindness.

At my worst you stood by me,
Taking my hand to your lips,
A gentle kiss to reassure me,
Comforting me in your glow,
Inspiring my belief that everything would be okay.

When my strength weakend,
Bedridden and afflicted, you reinforced me,
Loving me without condition,
Honoring our vows,
Until I was strong again in my own flesh.

My friend through every storm,
I couldn’t ask for a better mate,
We are in union,
Syncronized to this lifes time,
My passion, my devotion, my love.