Speak To Me (Sonnet)

Speak to me, whisper the tenderest of words

My ears and heart art open to thy love

There is nothing more that needest be heard

This I do vow before God up above


My love, dearest love, thou art more precious than gold

Thy love and life cherished above my own

This I do promise from thy youth to age old

I’ll strive my whole life to have shown


In the stars it was written before time began

Two souls were destined to be one

Our walk through eternity wouldst be hand-in-hand

From dawn until life’s setting sun


I promise to thee my undying love, with God as my witness on high

Sweet and as pure as the snow white dove, committed to thee ‘til I die


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Calloused Heart (Sonnet)

Calloused heart, fear not my advances please,

Harm, no harm shalt ever I impart.

Wouldst I have journeyed o’er these seven seas,

Courting thee in earnest right from the start.


My solemn promise to thee I offer, lest I die,

Taking thy hand within mine.

A chance I do ask that you givest love a try,

Lest I return to the seas and her watery brine.


Thou hast been injured, I knowest this for sure,

Sympathies assuredly do I give.

Purest of love doth I prescribe as the cure,

I swearest for as long as I live.


Never shalt this heart ever part they fragile side, this I do promise to thee.

Affection do I pledge and swearth not to hide, devoted to thee for eternity.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Whisper In My Ear

Whisper in my ear

My fears and doubts thou comfort

Tis all I long for


Trepidation doth consume

But thou art my loving cure


O’ these many years

Without words we have embraced

Through passionate glance


Giving solace when needed

Tis nothing I wouldst not do


Thou art my heaven

Thy savior in times of angst

Lover eternal


This covenant I maketh

To loveth thee for ever

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Curse

Prostate on the fetid jungle floor,

Draped in the red and orange ornamental cotton robes of a monk

He lay mesmerized by the tablets shambolic scribble.

What could this possibly mean?

Hands shaking as he held the tablet, deep down he knew.

Though menacing, with his henna facial markings,

He had an uneasy feeling that he could not diffuse.

Fraught with fear, he reached for his decanter of Holy Water,

Thinking he could protect himself from this Pagan curse..

Chanting, the lowly monk prayed that the grace of his God would save him,

But alas, the synthesis of prayer and paraphernalia could not shield his mortal soul.

Gasping his last breath and with devotion still in his failing heart

The lowly monk rose with tablet raised overhead and struck,

Shattering the curse over a rock that lay before him,

Praying that the tablets curse with him would die

Never to plague mankind again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Wordle #11

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #11

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #11

Asleep She Lays On Sacred Field

Asleep she lays on sacred field,

Angelic glow about her beams,

Draped in white my heart doth yield,

Far beyond my mortal dreams.


I fathom not why me she chose,

Undeserving, I most surely be,

Heavenly creature beyond paling rose,

This fool adrift on earthly sea.


I kneel before thy silken throne,

In prayer to one, the God most high,

For kindness that he hath shown,

This gift of you– without I’d die.


I know not where this path might lead,

Or when my love we forever part,

Cherishing time, its waste doth bleed,

Forever alive within my heart.


Sleep well my love in tender dream,

Assured through faith that I lie by your side,

To hold you forever in highest esteem,

This sacred promise by which I abide.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Passionate Embrace

Sweethearts converge in a passionate dance,

Lovers embrace, eyes locked in a trance.


Gliding on a silk and satin tidalwave,

To the other their hearts each selflessly gave.


Souls intertwined in a romantic song,

Soaked in the potion of their love for so long.


Their rhythm flows with each beat of their hearts,

Breaths come more rapid as ecstasy starts.


Invisible to the world, it’s existence fades,

Consumed with each other their bodies obey.


Observers may say their infatuation can’t last,

Their hearts disagree as pulses flutter fast.


A state of euphoria envelops and besets,

Neither lover capable to resist or regret.


A sensual moment shared between two symbiotic lives,

Stokes a fire eternal as their yearning grows and thrives.


Those shy of passion these feeling could not know,

Concerning matters of affection they dare never go.


Where love is involved it grows hot and grows quick,

Feeding the flame is the eternal trick.


For romance to last the heat of passion must run deep,

Cherish and be devoted to the others heart you keep.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Vow – A Poem

By D. R. DiFrancesco

I could never find fault in you,
My soul lashed to yours won’t permit it,
Kindness envelopes your heart,
The warm inviting happiness in your smile
Blinds me to what others may see.

In my tribulation you have always been there,
Sickness and health has been no barrier,
My sadness washed away by your tears,
Nothing more could I ask of you,
All I could hope to repay, to return like kindness.

At my worst you stood by me,
Taking my hand to your lips,
A gentle kiss to reassure me,
Comforting me in your glow,
Inspiring my belief that everything would be okay.

When my strength weakend,
Bedridden and afflicted, you reinforced me,
Loving me without condition,
Honoring our vows,
Until I was strong again in my own flesh.

My friend through every storm,
I couldn’t ask for a better mate,
We are in union,
Syncronized to this lifes time,
My passion, my devotion, my love.