A Passionate Embrace

Sweethearts converge in a passionate dance,

Lovers embrace, eyes locked in a trance.


Gliding on a silk and satin tidalwave,

To the other their hearts each selflessly gave.


Souls intertwined in a romantic song,

Soaked in the potion of their love for so long.


Their rhythm flows with each beat of their hearts,

Breaths come more rapid as ecstasy starts.


Invisible to the world, it’s existence fades,

Consumed with each other their bodies obey.


Observers may say their infatuation can’t last,

Their hearts disagree as pulses flutter fast.


A state of euphoria envelops and besets,

Neither lover capable to resist or regret.


A sensual moment shared between two symbiotic lives,

Stokes a fire eternal as their yearning grows and thrives.


Those shy of passion these feeling could not know,

Concerning matters of affection they dare never go.


Where love is involved it grows hot and grows quick,

Feeding the flame is the eternal trick.


For romance to last the heat of passion must run deep,

Cherish and be devoted to the others heart you keep.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

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