I Beg

I beg–do not look too deeply into my eyes,

What you see may both be surprising and terrifying.

Blackness…deep…dark…all consuming,

May swallow you up like the undertow.

You swim, kick, scream and still you drown,

Falling into the depths.

Seeing the sun above and nothingness below,

Praying to your God to be saved

As your tears dilute into the salty sea, unrecognizable.

Surely you will be disappointed,

My weakness splayed like modern art on my soul.

This is not what you committed too,

Vows could not have prepared you for this hell,

The hell that is my secret,

One held close to the heart,

For as long as I can remember.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Blood Red

Blood red,

Yet silken soft,

Petals touch I held aloft.

Glorious in it’s crimson hue,

Appreciated by all but few.

Cherished true this sign of love,

Sent below from heaven above.

‘Tis no other quite compare,

With you caressed by gentle air.

Fragile as pure love suppose,

No other but you outshines the rose.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Think Of You

I think of you…

When I’m alone

In a crowded theater

Just before I close my eyes


I see you…

In the face of every stranger

Standing beside me in the mirror

Lying next to me while I sleep


I feel you…

When we are apart

When I caress a picture you

In my most restful dreams


Know I love you…

‘Til my dying day

With every fibre of my being

With every breath I take


Simple things to express the depth of my love

Never ebbing, heartfelt and passionate

Engrained into my soul

My soulmate, my lover, my friend


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Truest of Loves

Catapult my feelings to the sky

Scattered to poles by twisting winds

Revealed my heart so you may lie

Within my arms, true love begins


To you my words no justice do

My tongue in knots, I make no sense

Conduct portrays my emotions true

Offered up with no presumed pretense


I choose to pose my love in verse

Too shy to speak these heartfelt words

My love exposed, flowery and terse

In these my heart is garishly heard


I have no qualms in sharing my soul

It was meant at birth to be given to you

Without your hand I’ll never be whole

Through God and my faith I construe


Distress me no more with nary response

This agony more torturous than death

Mutter your reply, I urge you at once

Before drawing in my final breath.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~


This passionate heart,

Buried deep within, beating in rhythm with your every breath,

Yet I cannot find the right words to tell you so.


Tongue tied by emotions in wont of regurgitation,

Swallowed back due to my own apprehension,

These burning embers sour in the pit of my stomach.


I glance your way in hopes of recognition

Momentary contact from your crystalline blue eyes gives me hope

Until I realize you are looking through me.


I am veiled from your sight,

The background in the play that is your life,

Dressing to complete your pretty picture.


What must I do to lead in your panoply,

All that I am I would gladly bestow upon you,

Without hesitation or precondition.


If only I was endowed with the fortitude,

But I am not and never have been,

Instead my timidity consumes me.


Breathless I am left to watch you from the sidelines,

Only dreaming of what might have been,

Wishing that fate had shined a loving light upon us.


But it was not to be,

As destiny has dictated the climax of this cruel tango,

Leaving one of us to be the wallflower.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Passionate Embrace

Sweethearts converge in a passionate dance,

Lovers embrace, eyes locked in a trance.


Gliding on a silk and satin tidalwave,

To the other their hearts each selflessly gave.


Souls intertwined in a romantic song,

Soaked in the potion of their love for so long.


Their rhythm flows with each beat of their hearts,

Breaths come more rapid as ecstasy starts.


Invisible to the world, it’s existence fades,

Consumed with each other their bodies obey.


Observers may say their infatuation can’t last,

Their hearts disagree as pulses flutter fast.


A state of euphoria envelops and besets,

Neither lover capable to resist or regret.


A sensual moment shared between two symbiotic lives,

Stokes a fire eternal as their yearning grows and thrives.


Those shy of passion these feeling could not know,

Concerning matters of affection they dare never go.


Where love is involved it grows hot and grows quick,

Feeding the flame is the eternal trick.


For romance to last the heat of passion must run deep,

Cherish and be devoted to the others heart you keep.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~