Truest of Loves

Catapult my feelings to the sky

Scattered to poles by twisting winds

Revealed my heart so you may lie

Within my arms, true love begins


To you my words no justice do

My tongue in knots, I make no sense

Conduct portrays my emotions true

Offered up with no presumed pretense


I choose to pose my love in verse

Too shy to speak these heartfelt words

My love exposed, flowery and terse

In these my heart is garishly heard


I have no qualms in sharing my soul

It was meant at birth to be given to you

Without your hand I’ll never be whole

Through God and my faith I construe


Distress me no more with nary response

This agony more torturous than death

Mutter your reply, I urge you at once

Before drawing in my final breath.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

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