I have taken hold of my senses and emotions,

Both temporal and natural, or so I thought.


One, however refuses to submit,

Fails to retreat in the face of iron will.


This one will continue to elude me

I fear, until my dying day.


My nemesis, temptation, smells weakness

Drawing out the impetuosity of my youth.


It taunts me with promises of wealth and joy,

Promises of gratification and self-aggrandizing,

Promises of love and power and strength.


Incorrigible are these in their sloth and betrayal;

Resistance proves futile in the face of this demon,

This evil that has been plaguing man since time began.


I fear I will continue in this mortal struggle

Until I breathe my last breath

Or conquer this most human of addictions,



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~