Between Birth And Death

Between birth and death

Lies the place of our struggle

Pain our companion

Yet through all this there is love

Lurking beyond our egos


Many strive to attain It

Though few ever do

Human temptation obstructs

Luring us with its promise

Left to our own wants

This incarnation is doomed

Destined to repeat

Maybe the next time around

We will find the purest love


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



I have taken hold of my senses and emotions,

Both temporal and natural, or so I thought.


One, however refuses to submit,

Fails to retreat in the face of iron will.


This one will continue to elude me

I fear, until my dying day.


My nemesis, temptation, smells weakness

Drawing out the impetuosity of my youth.


It taunts me with promises of wealth and joy,

Promises of gratification and self-aggrandizing,

Promises of love and power and strength.


Incorrigible are these in their sloth and betrayal;

Resistance proves futile in the face of this demon,

This evil that has been plaguing man since time began.


I fear I will continue in this mortal struggle

Until I breathe my last breath

Or conquer this most human of addictions,



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~