Why Do I Love Thee

Why do I love thee, seems a foolish thing to say,

Perhaps it is all the little things you do most every day.

A tender smile, a loving glance that lets me know you care,

The giggle of a schoolgirl, the way you twirl your hair.


Maybe it’s the caring heart revealed when I was ill,

Giving without hesitation though you likely had your fill.

All these things no one would notice in their daily grind,

But I, yes I alone do notice they are etched into my mind.


All of these are things I see and with aging ears do hear,

Though it’s surely something deeper that brings this man to tears.

Something from the deepest recesses making two one whole,

Touching every fiber of being down to my mortal soul.


It’s something that I cannot see or put in simple words,

Futile it would be to even try sounding most absurd.

So why is it that I love thee, still a foolish thing to say,

It’s everything about you that that I never could betray.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Love Unspoken Envelops Me In Joy (Sonnet)

Love unspoken envelops me in joy,

Beyond words, you and I have grown.

True to the heart this is not a ploy,

Thoughts and actions my passions have shown.


I need not a word to know that you’re there,

Trials and tribulations have proven faith.

Through good and bad together we’ve shared,

By my side you stayed so unlike a wraith.


My love, love though fickle it be,

Cannot deceive once newness fades.

In you in silence your tenderness I see,

With an affection strong as balustrades.


Product of time is this comfortable skin,

One I would never shed to begin again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~