It Comes Not In A Jar

It comes not in a jar,

Can not be boxed, placed in a sack.

There is no recipe,

No cookbook, no formula to concoct.

There is no raffle,

No lottery, no auction to crave.

It’s no magic potion,

No spell, no wand you can wave.

Very often there’s pain

It slashes, it slices right down to the bone.

Frequently it’s blind,

It’s crippled, it’s stunted as others have shone.

But more often than not it results in true bliss,

It’s passion, it’s love that is tops on the list.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Love Unspoken Envelops Me In Joy (Sonnet)

Love unspoken envelops me in joy,

Beyond words, you and I have grown.

True to the heart this is not a ploy,

Thoughts and actions my passions have shown.


I need not a word to know that you’re there,

Trials and tribulations have proven faith.

Through good and bad together we’ve shared,

By my side you stayed so unlike a wraith.


My love, love though fickle it be,

Cannot deceive once newness fades.

In you in silence your tenderness I see,

With an affection strong as balustrades.


Product of time is this comfortable skin,

One I would never shed to begin again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


For You

I bleed for you,

When you cry I cry for you,

Tears that stain my soul,

Not out of sympathy alone,

Not out of pity,

Not out of martyrdom,

But out of purest love

True and genuine.

Ingrained like roots buried deep,

Twisting, wrapping around my bones;

Without them I would starve,

Without you I would wither,

An impossibility.

We are sown of perfect seed;

Ordained by the universe,

Bound by what cannot be bought,

It must be grown,



Nurtured to maturity,

Protected until the end of time–

I am yours.


By: Dominic R. DiFrancesco


See You, Feel You

I see you–sights of you everywhere I go,

Awake, asleep, eyes closed or open.

I feel you in every moment of every day,

When I’m alone or in a crowd.

You my love are so ingrained in me,

Individuals–yes, but we are one.

We share a history and travel into one future,

Plotting course through this life.

Joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations,

All have made us who we are,

Made us stronger through adversity.

These are not to be regretted, but cherished,

Part of living the life we have been given.

Not one moment would I change,

Would I give back exchanging it for another.

We are who we are my love,

No more from this life could I ask.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Long Nights

Long nights spent in quiet sitting

Hand-in-hand oh how fitting

With joyous smile upon your face

Soft and delicate like cotton lace

Your gentle touch by slender fingers

Whence we part the feeling lingers

These simple things forever endear

In every moment I have you hear

No more in life could ever I pray

In health and sickness still you stayed

With love and thanks I hold you close

My lover and friend I cherish most

Praising God daily you’re here with me

For without you so alone I’d be


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~