Ageless and Timeless My Love Art Thee (Sonnet)

Ageless and timeless my love art thee,

Perfection alive in human form.

Til the day my last breath I do finally breathe,

I vow to protect thee storm.


This promise I made to thee so long ago,

To this day I have ne’er forgotten.

Before God in Heaven on knee I did show,

Thanks for the path I’ve long trodden.


Honor me now to be thine til the end,

I ask with a heart that is true.

My feelings for thee shalt not break nor will bend,

Til death when we bid fond adieu.


Know that each day I cherish this gift, spent with my hand in your hand.

I take not for granted on retribution swift, my love to an island you strand.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Greatest Friends Were We

Greatest friends were we

Long before we were lovers

Our bond has been strong

No more could I have ever asked

My companion, my beloved

Spoken from the heart–

Never have I loved you more

Than I do this day

Twenty five years espoused

Once two, we’ve lived long as one

One heart and one soul

Through time, traveling this path

Winding and rocky

We comfort each others pain

‘Til we taste our final kiss


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Lips Warm Brush My Neck, So Sweet (Sonnet)

Lips warm brush my neck, so sweet,
How could I, why would I wish to sleep.
If I were to pass my life complete,
Enveloped in your love so deep.

I turn to caress your tender face,
Through the many years you’re still the one.
There is no other to take your place,
Written in the stars since times begun.

In passions embrace our souls consumed,
As we once two commence to be one.
A love this true could never be assumed,
From deepest night ‘til morning sun.

O’ love my love you must never doubt, the devotion that I feel for you,
With my last breath I would gladly shout, my vows, my commitment anew.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

For You

I bleed for you,

When you cry I cry for you,

Tears that stain my soul,

Not out of sympathy alone,

Not out of pity,

Not out of martyrdom,

But out of purest love

True and genuine.

Ingrained like roots buried deep,

Twisting, wrapping around my bones;

Without them I would starve,

Without you I would wither,

An impossibility.

We are sown of perfect seed;

Ordained by the universe,

Bound by what cannot be bought,

It must be grown,



Nurtured to maturity,

Protected until the end of time–

I am yours.


By: Dominic R. DiFrancesco