The Sound Of Taps

The sound of Taps, the saddest song

It rings within my ears

A song without a single word

Can bring these eyes to tears


This solemn song too often played

Remembered on this day in May

The sacrifice of souls so brave

They’d have it no other way


Freedom fought so hard the cost

Enjoyed by all today

Taken for granted far too oft

WIth beer and barbeque and play


Take the time to say your thanks

Out of respect for those who gave

May the thankful close their ranks

Laying flowers upon their graves


A simple thanks I offer with heart

For a son who served with pride

To mothers and fathers of fallen souls

I’m thankful that mine is alive


No greater the tragedy remembered this day

Than the loss of a child or parent

I’ll never forget their ultimate sacrifice

Though their deaths are found so abhorrent


This simple poem is all I can give

To express to all how I feel

I thank you, we thank you from the heart

Just know that our pain is for real


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Simple Thank You

A simple thank you…

Gratitude shown with two words.

Does the thought pain you?

Do you find it a weakness

To show appreciation?

You would be most wrong!

Be thankful for all you have

Each and every day.

Only good can come of this

And you’ll be better for it

…In the End.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Ageless and Timeless My Love Art Thee (Sonnet)

Ageless and timeless my love art thee,

Perfection alive in human form.

Til the day my last breath I do finally breathe,

I vow to protect thee storm.


This promise I made to thee so long ago,

To this day I have ne’er forgotten.

Before God in Heaven on knee I did show,

Thanks for the path I’ve long trodden.


Honor me now to be thine til the end,

I ask with a heart that is true.

My feelings for thee shalt not break nor will bend,

Til death when we bid fond adieu.


Know that each day I cherish this gift, spent with my hand in your hand.

I take not for granted on retribution swift, my love to an island you strand.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


It’s Not The Shopping

It’s not the shopping
The shiny black Friday deals
Material wants
Created by corporate greed
For the bloating of coffers
It’s for gratitude
Communion with ones you love
Sadly we tend to forget
With every new commercial

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Life in Time

Time, is it something we are given or something we keep?

We can not hold it,

We can not prolong it no matter how hard we try.

So many have tried and failed.

Kings in the belief they were gods,

Destined to live forever,

Believing they were divinely chosen,

But to no avail life slipped away from them.

The sands of time drizzled from between their gold adorned fingers,

Leaving their hearts empty and their hands cold,

This is as it always has been and always will be.

Our science can only sustain the life left in us,

When we are called to pass no method of man can save us.

Should we not then cherish the hours we spend in this world,

Accepting them as a gift to be received gratefully?

Nothing on this earth is forever.

We cannot keep time,

It was not given to us to be kept.

It was given instead to be enjoyed,

Lived to the fullest in harmony with our fellow transients.

Who like us will run out of the gift of time, some day, some hour,

Only to join our ancestors in eternity.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Elder Embrace

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Black hair gone thin and gray

Creases like dry riverbeds map the landscape

Winding effortlessly south

Either due to age or gravity or both

Dark olive skin, soft tautness lost to the years

Tired eyes struggle to catch the light of day

Once clear as crystals now foggy and uncertain

Reminiscent of the mist that envelops San Diego Bay

Memories of youthful virility invoked smiles and stories

Tales etched with vivid language

Language and reference not correct in todays world

Friends and acquaintances identified by race, creed and color

Shocked and amazed erupting in uncomfortable laughter

A likely product of the prejudice thrown at your feet

First breath drawn at the turn of the last century

Born of a race not so easily accepted

Unkind names and slurs labeling an entire lineage

Times had changed leaving you behind

Floundering as if in seizure

Living in an era that was foreign

Still there was no shame, no offense or ill intention

No defense levied for your words and actions

None was needed, none was desired

Age and time granted societal clemency

Few were left who lived the history

Fewer still survive to remember

Relegation to the page is approaching with haste

Embrace them while the opportunity affords

Cherish the time shared and knowledge imparted

Passing it down to the generations that follow