Smoke Wafts O’er The Granite Mountainside

Smoke wafts o’er the granite mountainside;

Black and thick in a murderous haze.

Sulfur taints the crusty putrid air

Drowning out the glorious scent of honeysuckle and pine.

Babbling brooks once vocal no longer babble;

Their voices silenced by dam, drought and pollution.

Dry and cracked beds mar earths aging face

Leaving tinder for natures fiery furnace.

From my hilltop perch a murky brown sludge chokes the valley floor.

What hazards are these we should ask,

Though no one cares but for convenience and profit.

As we seek cause and cure for man’s maladies

Might we look no further than ourselves,

Our misuse of natures gifts,

Our burning of fossil fuels,

Pollution of our most precious resources–air and water,

Is it any wonder we are plagued with incurable disease?

Yet even the slightest attempts to change course

Are stalled by the profiteers gauntlet.

Science–when used for their benefit is gospel,

But dismissed as leftist propaganda

When the planet and climate are on stage.

Look beyond your four walls,

Breathe deeply,

Feel the burn in your tainted lungs,

Wipe the tears from your stinging eyes and look if you can,

Is this the vision of paradise that you sought

For you and your children?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


She Blew In Raging (Shakespearean Sonnet)

She blew in raging and tearing at the soul;

A wake of rubble, blood, sweat and tears,

The nation gave to again make it whole,

To still their brothers and sisters fears

Crane and hoe and muscle revived

What Sandy smashed and to the sea let go,

But yet through the horror, hope survived,

Resilience and courage of spirit showed.

Seaside Heights and Park unknown

For an instant became a boardwalk show;

Notoriety and fame unwanted have grown,

Little seashore hamlets we’ve come to know.

The Devil’s flame of hell has retorn,

Again from tragedy it shall be reborn.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Tempest Rage – A Rondel

A tempest brews its fiery rage,

Raining flame from lair on high,

Innocents run from molten sky,

As players on this devil’s stage.


The evil Lord, his venom thrust,

Hatreds source no one can say,

Legend speaks of broken trust,

Though long ago, lives on this day.


The village prays a hero come

As many a generation before,

All victims to his ancient lore.

While losing hope is the fate of some

The rest await the chosen one.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Fortress Strong

Sealed up tight in fortress strong

Awaiting horrors start unknown

For eons this a battle long

Beauty in tragedy time has shown


Landscapes ravaged, void and burned

Brown and black the palette chosen

Man controls, but has not learned

In Mother’s power, his frailty exposing


Yet in the wake of this terrible scourge

A million lives behind armor are born

Without so much as a prod or an urge

This called home on land war torn


A tiny life out of ashes protrude

This progeny will not struggle alone

Natures mysteries through pain they exude

In beauty birthed of the lowly pine cone


     ~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~